There’s no corner of your life that is going to go untouched by the upgraded products debuting at CES 2016 in Las Vegas this year — including detecting whether or not you’re pregnant. Pregnancy tests have got some serious upgrades in recent years, leaving behind those old pregnancy tests whose way of displaying results (one stripe or two?) could be confusing af. We’re happy to say those days are now officially behind us all. *emoji prayer hands*


First Response, one of the industry leaders when it comes to pregnancy tests, is showcasing a brand new product launching in the spring of 2016 called Pregnancy Pro. This tiny piece of handheld technology not only gives you super clear results and connects via Bluetooth to an app, it’ll even soothe your nerves during those rather excruciating three minutes while you wait for your results.


It works much like standard pregnancy tests do: yes, you still need to pee on a stick (or in a cup and dip the stick in), but there’s an app that will actually walk you through the process making the test taking foolproof. You answer a couple of questions on whether you’re actively trying to get pregnant and the date of your last period. Then, while you wait, you can access content that will either educate you (like info on pregnancies), entertain you (they have a content partnership with BuzzFeed) and even calm you down in case your nerves are a little frayed (think breathing exercises).


Then, the app will very clearly announce whether you’re pregnant or not with more than 99 percent accuracy and you’re free to share the results via email or text. At the moment, there’s not asocial share option because, according to a rep from First Response’s PR Team, that kind of result “might be private.”

For most pregnancy tests, your experience ends there. But the Pregnancy Pro will actually provide you with follow up content like questions to ask your doctor, provide you with a due date estimate in case results are positive and lots of other helpful tips. Right now the Pregnancy Pro, which costs between $15 and $20, is not yet purchasable but it should be hitting a grocery store near you in the spring.

Getting pregnant (or not) is definitely a high tech deal in the 21st century.

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