Let’s face it: Mashups are pretty awesome, especially when they are done well (do you remember these 25 epic dessert mashup recipes?). But the truth is that when it comes to cooking, mashups can go south really, really quickly and even err on inedible, so you need to have a trusty recipe on hand. That’s where we come in! We’re sharing five of the most surprisingly delicious food mashups that we know you *never* saw coming.


1. Matcha Oreo Rocky Road Bites: Mix one part childhood flavor throwback (rocky road) with this year’s “it” ingredient (matcha powder) and you’ve got one yummy little bite of goodness. Also, green food is so in. (via Wit and Vinegar’s Nom Profile)


2. Savory Oatmeal With Farmer’s Cheese, Beets, and Carrots: To the person who told you that “oatmeal is oatmeal,” we say no miss or sir; it is NOT. This savory oatmeal is served with healthy toppings like pepitas, farmer’s cheese, pickled beets, and carrots. (via Moe Brandi’s Nom Profile)


3. Rose Almond Milk: We’ve heard of rose tea or rose kombucha, but rose almond milk? Yes, please! This lightly floral and luscious almond milk is delicious by itself, but also *really* good with everything else. (via Enlightened Decadence’s Nom Profile)


4. Homemade Fruit Sushi: Even if you’re not a fan of raw fish, you’ll love this version made with fresh, ripe fruit in place of the fish and fruit leather in place of the seaweed. So genius, #amirite? (via Oh So Delicioso’s Nom Profile)


5. Meatball Quesadillas: Sometimes you can’t decide if you want Italian meatballs or Mexican food. For those occasions, skip the annoying decision making and have them both. (via Robin Miller’s Nom Profile)

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