In this day and age, it seems like all our devices are getting tons of intelligence. Smartphones, smart tablets and now, smart earphones! FreeWavz is the wave of the future, as far as wireless headphones are concerned. Time to toss (or recycle) those earbuds and introduce those drums to these lightweight beauties. All you have to do is help FreeWavz reach their goal on Kickstarter to score a pair.

Like we said before, these aren’t your ordinary headphones. Born out of the frustration that comes from running with uncomfortable buds in your ears, FreeWavz connect to their very own app. They use a Medical Grade Pulse Oximeter to track your fitness; an LED light shines through your ear to a photodetector to record your heart rate and oxygen saturation. And, because these headphones be so smart, you can read all about what’s up on your phone or laptop.

Additionally, FreeWavz have all you need to get through your workout, from the wicked-awesome monitor we mentioned above, to an Hi-Fi bluetooth music player and phone in one. Each ear has its own adjustable volume so you can filter in the noise from the outside world when you’re running or cycling. The scale goes from 100% music volume and 0% listen-through, and each ear has independent volume, meaning you can groove on your bike with your right ear while staying alert to traffic with your left.

Worn — and endorsed — by athletes like gold medalist Sara Hall and tennis pro Adrian Menendez-Maceiras, FreeWavz is an amazing tool to help you work out with ease and achieve your fitness goals. And, it even has voice command so you’re totally hands free. FreeWavz plans on producing it in blue, green and pink so donate today and score your own for the gym!

Do your headphones need a style or function upgrade or are they the last bit of tech you touch? Tell us what you’re listening to your tunez with below!