Now that Halloween is over, the stores are quickly filling with all things holiday. But before Hanukkah and Christmas take over, we can’t forget about that one amazing holiday where you have an excuse to eat as much pumpkin pie and drink as many boozy beverages as you want. Yep, we’re talking about Friendsgiving. Is it your turn to host the party this year? Read on for our essentials to take your get-together to the next level.


1. Pot Holder + Mitt Set ($25): Pull the turkey out of the oven in style with this pot holder and oven mitt set. Pretty kitchen essentials FTW.


2. Custom Drink Stirrers ($30): While getting custom drink stirrers for each guest might be a little excessive, picking up a set that say “Friendsgiving” is totally doable.


3. Patterned Coasters ($6): Let’s be honest — your get-together is going to include some booze, and you definitely need somewhere to set all of it. Enter: the cutest patterned coasters ever.


4. Stamped Napkins Kit ($13): Choose your favorite color and pattern and get to stamping, because your guests are going to love these cloth napkins. Oh, and they’re on sale. Score!


5. Vivid Measuring Spoons ($19): You’re going to be doing a lot of cooking prior to the party, right? Then these measuring spoons are a must.


6. Cutting Board + Utensil Set ($45): Cheese boards are all the rage these days, which means you’ll most likely be featuring one at your fiesta. Take a mini break from harvest colors with pretty pastels.


7. Striped Paper Straws ($24): Take your hosting game to a whole new level with paper straws. Trust us — your guests will love sipping their cocktail from them.


8. Bamboo Utensil Set ($15): When every friend brings a dish, running out of utensils is kind of inevitable. Pick up this bamboo set that’s not only colorful, but also very practical.


9. Cocktail Party Kit ($32): Cheers to Friendsgiving! DIY these cocktail glasses for the big day and welcome your guests at the door with their favorite drink. You’ll definitely be getting the best friend award this year.


10. Color Block Candle Holders Kit ($13): What says fall more than candles? Nothing, which is why these are a total must.


11. Deer + Moose Bottle Stoppers ($35): Pop some bottles at Friendsgiving and at the end of the night, pop these bottle stoppers on top.


12. DIY Party Pom Poms ($7): Go for some not-so-traditional decorations and hang these party pom poms around your space. The best part? You get to say you made them.


13. The Boozy Baker ($19): Snag this cookbook to help you make your sweets all kinds of boozy. Your friends will love your baked goods that much more.


14. Customizable Cookie Stamp ($15): Baking a batch of cookies? Amp them up a bit with a customizable cookie stamp. Bonus: This would also be a perfect hostess gift.


15. Gold Leaf Cocktail Glasses ($56): Nothing screams festive like gilding everything, and that doesn’t stop at cocktail glasses. They’re the *best* way to kick off the holidays.


16. Tin Cake Stand ($20): Is one of your friends bringing the pumpkin pie? Have this tin cake stand ready to show off their creation.


17. Gold Champagne Marshmallows ($24): After dinner, sit around the fireplace with your pals and a hot cup of cocoa topped with gold champagne marshmallows, because why not?


18. Mason Jar Shaker, Muddler + Jigger ($50): Become the ultimate bartender with a mason jar shaker, muddler and jigger. You’ll be the real Friendsgiving MVP.


19. Ficks Hangover Preventative Cocktail Fortifier ($13): Hangovers are a no-go. Help your friends out and bring this hangover preventative cocktail fortifier to the party.


20. Tableware Party Pack ($49): Who wants to be stuck doing dishes all night after the big meal? Skip the fancy set and opt for chic paper plates like these.

What are your Friendsgiving essentials? Tell us in the comments below.