It’s safe to say that everyone at Brit + Co. has a pretty awesome collection of footwear. Studs, sequins, patterns, fun colors — you name it one of us has that shoe in our collection ;) But when it comes to comfort, few things beat a pair of basic canvas sneaks. So, we decided to pump up these kicks with some fun ombré fridge. This super simple DIY will add a fun flare to new or old sneaks in under 5 minutes!


– sneakers

– fringe

– fabric glue


– scissors

– pins


1. Unlace your sneakers.

2. Cut fridge to fit around the top of the sneaker.

3. Glue fringe to sneaker. Secure with a pin until glue dries.

4. Rock those kicks!

We went with a selection of pink fringe, going from light to dark.

First things first, unlace these bad boys. It’s much easier to DIY without the laces in the way.

This is super simple. Use the fabric glue to attach the fringe! The glue takes about two hours to completely dry, so use a safety pin hold it in place while its drying.

We added three layers of ombré fringe to these high tops. So much fun!

Fringe is in place. Time for it to dry. Again, it takes about two hours to really seal.

Test to make sure it’s secure and then remove the pins. We waited about two hours before we pulled the pins out.

All fringed up! Foster the People would definitely approve of these pumped up kicks ;)

We definitely had a little fun with this shoot :) With fringe sneaks it’s hard not to!

Will you be adding fringe to old sneaks for the spring? What other materials have you added to sneakers? Tell us in the comments below!