While we love us a good floral print, if those elegant florals had a cool little sister, it would be the fruit print. The looks are just as vibrant as flowers but liven things up by being just a tad out of the ordinary. Ready to add some sweetness to your home? Check out these 11 pieces of juicy decor.

1. Neon Pineapple Rug ($28+): Be double on-trend by adding neon + pineapples to your decor all at once. This rug alone will transform your space.

2. Papaya Wall Clock ($30): Put tropical flair in la casa with some exotic fruit against a vibrant shade of blue. This fun papaya clock is sure to be a conversation piece.

3. Reupholstering Fabric ($17+): Need to give a chair a do-over? This cute strawberry print fabric would look great as a seat cushion or a throw pillow.

4. Pineapple Wall Decals ($21+): Change up a room and change it right back again with decals. These two-toned pineapple ones are so fun, playful and apartment friendly.

5. Strawberry Tray ($55): If you prefer your pattern in small doses, this cute catchall is all you need. Putting this colorful tray on a coffee table or ottoman will up the style ante in any space.

6. Golden Harvest Candle ($20): Let your home look and smell fruitier with these blingy gilded candles.

7. Kiwi Rug ($28+): Go big and bold with this kiwi rug that packs a punch. The combo of lime green and white is guaranteed to wake up your space for a lively springy feel.

8. Watermelon Pillow ($28+): Nothing says warm nights and cookouts quite like watermelon. Curl up on the sofa and dream of sweet summer nights on this melon’d pillow.

9. Fruity Fabric ($15): If your throw pillows could use a more luxe touch, this fruity chiffon is calling. Make some covers fit for a queen at a pauper’s price.

10. Porcelain Pineapple ($84): In the world of prints and trends, pineapples are pretty much the star of the fruit show right now. That’s why you need this gold porcelain variety, pronto.

11. Fruit Party Throw Pillow ($20+): Maybe you’re not a one-fruit kind of guy or gal. Get everything you need in one spot with this throw pillow. It’s kinda, sorta, at least in our minds, like a fruit salad that’ll bring a party to each corner of your couch.

How are you added adding a tutti fruity vibe to your decor? Tag us in your fruit-filled home pics on Facebook!