We’ve told you to take it easy with neon before, adding it to your home in spurts with an accent piece here or there. We still dig that approach, but now that we’re comfortable with this bright trend we’re taking the possibilities of neon decor to the next daring level. From end tables and desk accessories to couches and duvet covers, these 35 pieces prove that even large elements of neon home decor (in moderation, of course) can be vibrant and inviting without being tacky.

1. Neon Bathroom Set (up to $8 each): Let’s start by adding a pop of neon to the bathroom with these hot orange containers. Their rubber coating will have you reaching for your toothbrush more than twice a day.

2. Dipped Neon Pots: Just three coats of hot pink spray paint later and you’ve got this awesome two-toned planter pot. The balance of neutral and neon is right on. (via The Proper Pinwheel)

3. Fleet Hot Orange Chair ($149): Guests will be playing musical chairs trying to sit their seat in this hot orange chair. A high gloss coating and a low back line adds modern flair.

4. This geometric lamp makes every angle look spectacular. Be patient: each triangle hole is precisely exacto-cut, but the final project is truly worth the effort. (via Make:)

5. Watercolor Ikat 2 Duvet Cover ($199): We love that this neon pattern has a hand painted feel to it. Faded watercolors make this duvet cover more gentle on the eyes than most neon shades.

6. Neon Non-Slip Hangers: Your most vibrant-patterned clothes deserve a hanger with just as much spirit. Just tightly wrap those pesky wire hangers in a cool coat of multi-colored neon yarn. (via Brit + Co.)

7. Pineapple Wall Decor ($32): Inviting? Sure. Intriguing? You bet! This juicy pineapple pop art could even double as an alluring door knocker.

8. DIY Neon Table Legs: Like this wood coffee table wasn’t gorgeous enough naturally! Adding a pop of neon to the mix is a risk that definitely paid off – it ties it into the southwestern color scheme of this dashing den. (via Brick House)

9. Neon Star Sign ($399): You’re basically the coolest person ever if you can pull off a neon sign in your pad. This starry shape and cool blue color make it a stellar (pun intended) addition to any bedroom.

10. Vintage Push-Button Dial Phone ($88): We think we may have owned this totally radical phone in our pre-teen years. No wonder it makes us want to whip out the board game Girl Talk.

11. Queen Anne Mirror ($595): Feel utterly regal with this neon wall mirror. An ornately curved frame makes this looking glass fit for nearly any wonderland.

12. Large Raffia Tray ($175): This sturdy jute and raffia tray is handmade by artisan cooperatives in Rwanda. A bold geometric pattern gives these trays an almost hypnotic quality.

13. Neon Patterned Tea Towels: Zig zag stitches of neon thread give these plain tea towels playful personality. From squiggles to chevron, which pattern is your favorite? (via Brit + Co.)

14. Southwest Medallion Tapestry ($39): Brace yourself and behold this awe-inspiring neon tapestry! This bustling cotton composition would make a statement as a bed throw or hung as woven wall art.

15. Over-the-Door Hook Set ($14): Can’t decide on your favorite shade of neon? Try them all with this collection of six over-the-door hooks. Coated in a felt-like fabric, each non-slip piece can be paired together or scattered throughout your closet and storage spaces.

16. DIY Mod Neon Lamp: Just a little imagination and elbow grease can turn even the most retro-looking lamps into something truly wow-worthy. Now aren’t you glad you invested in that can of neon spray paint? (via Paper & Stitch)

17. Kilim Rug ($695): Love the look of your hardwood floors but craving something more comfortable to scamper on? These age-softened area rugs can please both your toes and decor-oriented fickleness – the lightweight rugs are totally reversible!

18. EK Living Storage End Table ($1980): If it were up to us, we’d add a little retro flair to just about everything, so this end table is right up our alley. Functionalism and minimalism are two major trends that are taking over in both furniture and home decor, and we wholeheartedly approve!

19. Little Wooden Neon Desk Clock ($29): We’re total suckers for bright and colorful clocks, so naturally we love these little neon desk clocks. Light wooden “horseshoes” create a lovely base for the deep blue faces and neon rubber trim.

20. Neon and White Pottery: Meet the new school of classic pottery. Neon accents like a spray painted pitcher handle or sugar pot top give an awesomely unexpected twist to these traditional designs. (via Shop Sweet Things)

21. Patchwork #5 ($6,500): This colorful canvas makes us believers in modern art. Wild, bulbous shapes grab our attention like a good animated gif.

22. Tropicalia Arm Chair ($1,891): Turn your living room into a tropical escape with this neon threaded armchair. Stretched fibers create fantastic shapes around its steel frame that’s perfect for lounging with a puffy pillow and color block push pop!

23. Right Angle Nightstand ($223): There’s nothing more annoying than a cluttered bedroom. So this minimal neon nightstand ensures that you’ll only have the bare necessities by your bedside, like an awesome alarm clock and maybe one or two gold animal toys ;)

24. Neon Green Bow Bin ($45): This laundry basket looks like someone Hulked-out on it and then masterfully weaved it back into working shape. The dual personality feel of this container makes it totally okay to mix your lights and darks.

25. 3-Piece Desk Organization Kit ($24): Pimp out your workspace with these neon-tinted desk organizers. It’s a total win-win situation: straighten up your office supplies while you brighten up your cubicle or floating desk!

26. Party Teaspoon Set ($38): Party planners, feast your eyes on this adorable neon and glitter teaspoon set. Like we even have to tell you, these dishwasher safe utensils are a must-have for your next dinner party table setting or picnic spread.

27. Polka Dot Tray: So you caved and got the glittery teaspoon set, now you need something equally awesome to serve them with! Try your hand at this easy DIY that dolls up a plain tray with neon stickers. We love that leftover dots were used to adorn the succulent pot too! (via Making It Lovely)

28. Boogie Woogie Confetti Days ($165): Can anything top the kooky name of this darling neon art piece? Just maybe the fact that the frame is filled with glitter confetti. And you know everything’s better with glitter confetti!

29. DIY Neon Edged Boxes: A little bit goes a long way in the best way with these beautiful neon trimmed boxes. We love the aura-like glow they get from their vibrant and precise outline. (via Caught On A Whim)

30. Egyptian Neon Pillow Cover ($32): Now you can see the electric sun set behind the great Egyptian pyramids from the comfort of your own couch! These screen-printed linen covers are handmade and neatly sealed with a wooden button.

31. Piazza Persimmon Sofa ($1,299): Okay, so persimmon isn’t quite neon, but the color of this lengthy sofa has the same eye-catching effect. This couch was made for lounging with its low orientation and uni-cushion that is wide enough to sleep two (or one large pooch) when the back pillow is removed!

32. Retro Desk Lamp ($123): This bright baby blue desk lamp cozies up to its neon cord like it was meant to be. We love that the cord is already cleverly wrapped with cloth so we don’t have to spend any time trying to make it cuter ourselves.

33. Array Yellow Bookcase ($189): Give a color boost to those black and white pages with this sunshine yellow bookcase. Each shelf is removable to accommodate stacks both big and small.

34. Queen of Hearts Heart Vase ($69): Get creative with the contents of these delightful handcrafted neon hearts. From fresh flowers or a layered terrarium to a matchbook holder or even a home for a tiny goldfish!?

35. Egg Cane Chair ($549): Give your patio a fierce makeover with this astonishing cane chair. To soften this look, add a faux fur throw over the back and accessorize with a pastel-patterned pillow.

Would you deck out your home with neon decor? Would you incorporate large statement pieces or just pops of color? Let us know in the comments.