It’s official: Pineapple is the new OWL. Remember when owls were popping up on everything? Necklaces, art prints, even dresses? Yeah, that was a thing. And that new thing is the pineapple. And we’ve got a whole bunch of pineapple-y things in the B+C Shop — check ’em out!

1. La Piña Print ($28): Printed in vivid color on beautiful natural-white bond paper, this playful print will add a nice pop of personality to your kitchen.

2. Grocery List Notepad ($11): Speaking of jazzing up the kitchen, writing out grocery lists on old mail is so ’90s of you.

3. Fruit Cocktail Nail Wraps ($13): Yes. These are real, they are vibrant and you need them right now.

4. Pineapples Pillow Cover ($35): Don’t you just want to cozy up to your favorite fruit? Of course, that wouldn’t be very comfy so this pillow case’ll do.

5. Colorful Juice Glasses ($7): For pina coladas, of course!

6. Fruitas Note Card Set ($18): Pineapple & lemons & guavas — oh my! A bright hand-painted fruit pattern adorns this set of all-purpose note cards.

7. Fruits and Vegetables Print ($15): Okay, okay — there isn’t officially a pineapple in this print but it still counts. We’ll call it… fruit and veggie cocktail? ;)

8. Fruits and Vegetables Lunch Bag ($16): Now isn’t that cutest little lunch bag you ever did see? Each bag is screen printed by hand.

9. Sunset Chevron Wooden Utensils ($12): Yellow chevron totally counts as pineapple pattern, and these would make really cute fruit forks for your next tropical fruit salad.

What’s your favorite fruit? Digging the pineapple thing? Talk to us in the comments below.