It’s not every day that Full House has its 27th birthday. In fact, it’s just one day a year. TODAY. In honor of every “You got it, dude,” to pledge our eternal allegiance to The Olsens, Bob Saget + Stamos and because we’re forever reppin’ SF, we dug up the best photos in front of one of TV’s most iconic landmarks of all time: the Full House house(s). Heck, you can even use these 23 tips for taking top notch pics in front of any heavily-Instagram-ed hotspot.

1. Engagement Photos: Even if you’re not a total Full House fanatic like us, you have to admit, it makes a gorgeous backdrop for engagement shots. Our very own Anj Temple took a sweet SF series with her (now-husband) Dave to mark their upcoming union and to show a little love for their new-at-the-time city. (via Flickr)

2. Oh, What Landmark? Keep it super casual. Sip on something, (best be Philz or Blue Bottle ;) and look totally uninterested in the greatness that surrounds you. That’s how the cool kids do it. (via @stephaninny)

3. Group Pic: Full House is all about family and friendship, so get together with your besties and make some scrapbook-worthy memories! (via @callahan_tommy)

4. Swag Brag: Dress the part with whatever memorabilia you have in your wardrobe to show that you’re a super fan. (via @_eswat_)

5. Paint It!: What better way to spend your day in San Francisco than tourist gazing and practicing your painting skills to really capture the moment. (via @anktamar)

6. Thumbs Up: It’s a classic for a reason. Give your selfie endorsement with the nationwide hand symbol for “This rocks.” (via @eddiefl)

7. Golden Hour: Timing is everything. Take advantage of the glory that is Golden Hour in the Golden State. (via @instagr_amberlee)

8. Shoe Selfie: Sometimes, a good shoe selfie says it all. Take a load off, lay out in Alamo Square and just take in the nostalgia. (via @krodlovesyou)

9. Puppy Selfie: Okay, the puppy isn’t actually taking the picture, but we’re sure that canines appreciate a great landmark now and then. (via @kellyannhoffman)

10. Throwback Thursday: Take the kiddos, so that years from now they can reflect on their favorite show and how much they hated their clothes in that picture. (via @mezaray)

11. Shock and Awe: Don’t hide your excitement. If you’re simply star house struck, show it! (via @bobbyhotdogs)

12. Jump for Joy: There’s nothing like a great jumping shot. Get all the air you can muster and throw those hands up! (via @nguyenbrittany)

13. Close Up and Personal: If your’e looking really good that day, why not get a great new profile pic out of the deal? Capture your sheer happiness, and just make sure to get a bit of landmark in the background. (via @pinkprincessko)

14. Lounging: How adorable! Lay down for a “day in the park” kind of feel, and that way you can still see all of the Painted Ladies. (via @nnectarr)

15. Sunset: We can’t get enough of the Cali skies! Wait ’til sunset for gorgeous colors, and a city silhouette in the background. (via @shananiiigans)

16. Go Pro: Who needs someone to hold the camera, when you’re got a GoPro rig? Flaunt your camera skills with this innovative technique. (via @princessmarissa7)

17. Let’s Grab Lunch: Hey, that kale isn’t going to photograph itself. Get your healthy lunch and your lovely view some Instagram love. Your friends in less lovely cities will be super jeal. (via @ariggabamboo)

18. Family Portrait: Grab the whole fam and and get your cheese on for a mantle-worthy pic of your travels or your home. (via @beatyskeets)

19. Strike a Pose: Are you serious? This is just the cutest. Pull out your pointy toe for a sophisticated snap. Even if you are only a third of Full House‘s age. (via @arparsons220)

20. Fist Pump: Get it, girl! Go ahead and throw that fist up in ultra excitement because you’re standing where history took place! (via @elise_elmblad)

21. Special Effects: Add some theme music text in to give your photo a little somethin’ extra. (via @chelseapearson_)

22. No Trespassing: While we’d like to preserve this iconic TV home as the official Full House museum, people actually live here. So tread lightly, or else you’ll get shooed by the nanny like these ladies did. Not cool, dude! (via @amandaalovely)

23. Cast Only: If you happen to see Bob Saget nearby and he’s up for it, that would probably make the most epic #FullHouseHouse selfie of all time. (via Bob Saget)

What’s your favorite pop culture landmark? Have a seriously good selfie by it? Let us know in the comments!