Nature is oh-so romantic. You’ve got greenery, chirping birds, maybe even a field of flowers… Okay so now that we’ve envisioned that, I think we can all admit the reality is more like a series of mosquito bites, humidified hair and sticky sweat — but hey, we love the storybook version as much as the next gal. If you’re gearing up to shoot some engagement photos and thinking of using Mother Nature as your backdrop, we say go for it. Here are 30 engagement photos that will inspire you to take that romantic photo session straight to the great outdoors.

1. Las Vegas Escape: Who knew that just outside the flashy streets of Vegas you’ll find this red rock desert? (Gaby J Photography)

2. Fairytale Forest: We wouldn’t really be surprised to hear that Bambi and Thumper interrupted them mid-kiss. (Destination Wedding)

3. Head Over Heels: Camera shy? Who says engagement photos have to include the faces of the soon-to-be bride and groom? ;) (via KT Merry)

4. Snowy Romance: Of course, we’ve gotta give a shoutout to Brit Morin’s very own engagement photos! These were taken in Jackson Hole, where she and her husband Dave got married the following summer. So sweet! (via Brit Morin)

5. Play in the Park: And while we’re keeping things in the Brit + Co family, we love these playful photos shot in Alamo Square Park right here in San Francisco. That’s right — if you’ve got a clever photographer, you can totally make a city park look like a natural hideaway. (via Anjelika Temple)

6. Puddle Stompin’: Don’t let a little bit of rain dampen your photo shoot. Find a cute umbrella and snap away! (via Inspired by This)

7. Lakeside Luncheon: Now this is one picnic we’d really like to join. Have any extra sandwiches in there for your friends at Brit + Co? (via Glamour + Grace)

8. Storm Troopers: We sure hope this couple’s future is a little brighter than their doomsday backdrop. (via Huffington Post)

9. Pink Blossoms: Capture the fleeting nature of a moment by setting yourselves against a backdrop of cherry blossoms. (via Brooklyn Bride)

10. Haunting and Heavenly: Ten points for Gryffindor if you can spot the happy couple amidst this unreal Icelandic waterfall. (via Green Wedding Shoes)

11. Field of Flowers: If you’re going to play a game of “he loves me, he loves me not” we’re thinking this is probably the place to do it. But if you’re taking engagement photos we kind of hope you already know the answer to that question. (via Praise Wedding)

12. Fields of Gold: More fields! Start your life off together on a magical field of daffodil yellow. (via Storyboard Wedding)

13. Sahara Skies: Is this a mirage or are we actually seeing this super beautiful, naturally-lit desert shoot? (via Tyler Branch Photo)

14. Island Paradise: You know what they say: When in Hawaii take engagement photos in the ocean with exotic flowers. (via Photographer Hawaii)

15. Snow Day: Just because it’s chilly outside doesn’t mean you have to keep your shoot indoors. Brave the elements – in your cutest flannels of course. (via Bethany Small Photography)

16. Play in the Snow: We love the idea of doing a winter activity like ice skating, sledding, or just having a snowball fight to add a majorly playful vibe to your pictures. (Bonus: You’ll have the kind of healthy glow you just can’t fake with makeup!) (via Loverly)

17. Sea of Love: From the floral crown to the endless sea, we are swooning over everything in this beautiful Oregon Coast shoot. (via Bethany Small Photography)

18. Golden Afternoon: Oh to be serenaded by your fiancé on a broken tree in the middle of a Canadian forest. (via Sweet Violet Bride)

19. Once Upon a Time: We’re not totally sure whether this is the poster for a new Princess Bride movie or an engagement shoot. We’re good with either. (via Bridal Musings)

20. Wooly Wanderings: All that’s missing from this romantic session in the Irish countryside are a few sheep grazing in those fields. (via Green Wedding Shoes)

21. Romantic Rowboat: Noah? Is that you? There might not be majestic swans surrounding you while you swoon over each other, but there could be some pretty stellar fall foliage and that’s something right? (via Style Me Pretty)

22. Little Mermaid Style: I mean, c’mon. Is this real life? (via Green Wedding Shoes)

23. Down by the Riverside: Getting some serious dirty dancing vibes from these two. (via Polkadot Bride)

24. City Slickers: Because sometimes you can find the wilderness in the middle of the city. (via Tim Harman)

25. Frozen in Time: Sorry is this Portland or Narnia? We can’t remember. (via Green Wedding Shoes)

26. Epic Engagement: Considering this couple’s first conversation was over the groom’s backpacking past, we think this adventurous session is more than fitting. (via Green Wedding Shoes)

27. Joshua Tree Travels: Gah. These two are so stylish and kind of make Joshua Tree look like the coolest desert that ever existed. (via Green Wedding Shoes)

28. Color Explosion: This is an engagement session in the middle of a tulip field. Need we say more? (via Portland Oregon Portrait Photographers)

29. Gearing Up: Things we like: bikes, kisses and autumn leaves. Things in this engagement shoot: bikes, kisses and autumn leaves. (via Style Me Pretty)

30. Golden Hour: This sun kissed shoot in a sunflower field makes our hearts do a little happy dance. (via Nessak Photography)

Are you a soon to be Mrs. looking for the perfect engagement shoot location? Where are you thinking?