Ever at a dinner party and find yourself thinking, “Boy, I could really go for some pool right now.” Well now, you don’t even have to move! That’s right, we recently came across Fusion Tables, which are a pool table and dining room table in one! File this under: kind of crazy, but we’re still dying to have in our homes.

Fusion Tables looks like just your average elegant dining room table, but hidden inside is everything you need to play pool — the balls, the cues, and even the table! It takes about 5 seconds to transform the piece — you remove the top, adjust the height, and you’re ready to get your billiards on! This might be the ultimate conversation piece to have in your home, and we think it could function as an incredible conference room table too ;)

This sounds like a cool concept, but the execution is what really makes it epic. Both aspects of the table are done really well. The dining room table is sleek and modern and would look nice with virtually any decor. It comes in a variety of color and texture combos, but we think our fave is the brushed stainless steel. The pool table is regulation size, with high quality felt and rails.

We found them retailing for $8000, which is definitely a little steep, but if you’re furnishing a new home (and don’t already have a dining or pool table) might not be too crazy.

What do you think of Fusion Tables? Would you get one in your dining room? Talk to us in the comments below.