Winter is comingfinally over, and Game of Thrones is finally back! The premiere is April 6th, and we can’t wait. It’s time to celebrate, and no one knows how to celebrate like the characters on Game of Thrones. Kick off Season Four with a feast that would make all seven kingdoms of Westeros proud. We have everything you need — feast-worthy foods, themed decorations and out-of-this-world drinks. Get ready for the premiere with our 20 must-haves for your Game of Thrones party.

1. Bread and Salt: Two of our faves: warm bread and delicious salt. Guests can tear off a chunk of bread and dip it in the salt bowl in the center. This dish has the perfect rustic feast look, and it’s fresh out of the Game of Thrones cookbook. Score. (via Inn at the Crossroads)

2. Lamb Lollipops With Mint Pesto: When it comes to a rollicking medieval feast, we’re looking for a lot of delicious bone-in meat that you eat with your hands. Put out a platter of these lamb lollipops with crusty herbed skin and mint pesto. They’re perfect for spring and would be a hit at any table in Winterfell. (via Etsy)

3. Game of Thrones Talisman Necklace ($230): Get in the Game of Thrones spirit and let your guests know which house you’re rooting for by wearing one of these to the party. This new line of jewelry uses reclaimed silver and bronze to create themed necklaces for different houses competing for the Iron Throne.

4. Honeycomb Candy: You can do it. You can make your own honeycomb in your kitchen. It’s impressive, gorgeous and has the look we’re going for when it comes to a Game of Thrones feast. Honey also appears in a lot of desserts and drinks throughout the series. (via Always Order Dessert)

5. Game of Thrones Wax Seal Coasters ($20): Represent the families competing for the Iron Throne and protect your table from drinks with these themed wax seal coasters.

6. Violatium: Violatium is a celebratory drink from Ancient Rome. Violet blossoms are steeped in wine and honey to create a floral punch. We love this ancient drink for the premiere party, but honestly? We’d kinda love it at any spring shindig. (via Game of Brews)

7. Meyer Lemon Teacakes With Pomegranate Glaze: Sansa’s favorite lemon cakes get a modern twist with the addition of Meyer lemons and a pretty, pastel pomegranate glaze. (via Weelicious)

8. Printable Invitations: Get the party started with these printable invitations! This template would also be great for a party menu, or you could pass them out to guests to jot down their predictions for the premiere. (via Inn at the Crossroads)

9. Wooden Wax Seal: Seal your invitations and make your own family sigil. Or, you know, just your initials. You can also add red wax stamps to your party decor by stamping vases, candle holders or glasses. (via Design Sponge)

10. Roasted Turkey Legs: Yes to more feast-worthy meats! Let your guests tear into a big platter of delicious roasted turkey legs. We love the addition of foil on the bones so you can eat with your hands without getting them too dirty. (via The Pioneer Woman)

11. DIY Mercury Glass Goblets: Get the medieval look with a modern update by making your own mercury glass goblets. These will fit in perfectly for your party and look great on your table for the rest of the year. (via Lovely Little Details)

12. Dragon Egg Cookies: Color us impressed. We can’t believe these super realistic dragon eggs are actually cookies. Get ready to wow your guests by making a batch of these at home. (via Semisweet Designs)

13. Honeyed Chicken Hand Pies: Our mouthes are watering over this mashup of classic foods from the show. Honey chicken and flaky hand pies? Count us in. (via The Inn at the Crossroads)

14. DIY Concrete Candles: Candles, candles, candles — it’s not a party table in King’s Landing unless its got plenty of pillars. We love this simple DIY version. Concrete candles give you lots of good flickery light and that vaguely ominous medieval look. (via Once Wed)

15. Art Nouveau Game of Thrones Prints ($18): Celebrate the ladies of the land and get some classy decorations for your walls! We love these glam art nouveau prints featuring a few of our favorite characters.

16. The Lady Arya Cocktail: Youthful and dangerous? The Lady Arya cocktail, an alcoholic twist on a Shirley Temple, definitely honors our favorite little swashbuckler. (via Double Neat)

17. Dragon Wall Decals ($35): Dragons, dragons everywhere! Here’s an easy, non-permanent way to help your home get into the spirit.

18. Dragon Egg Easter Eggs: Game of Thrones and Easter come together in these glam little dragon Easter eggs. They get their awesome metallic texture from layered thumbtacks. Genius. (via Jacquie Long Legs)

19. Bunting Flag Garland: Feast venues always have awesome garlands in the background. We love the rustic look of the simple twine in this version. Use the flags to spell out the names of the different houses or quotes from the show. (via Ella Claire)

20. Swordsicles ($14): You know those amazing cocktails with popsicles floating in them? Give them a Game of Thrones twist with this sword-shaped popsicle mold, or just make some delicious themed pops for your party. Mead popsicle, anyone?

Hey, Game of Thrones fans! What’s your favorite food or party moment from the show? Any plans to throw your own premiere party? Let us know in the comments!