If you’ve been following us for a while, you know we’re HUGE nerds. And when we have kids, they are definitely going to be baby nerds! For geeky new parents, here are 20 hilarious, adorable, and straight up silly holiday baby gifts.

1. Beta Baby Tee ($20): Beta? Seriously! This is way too cute.

2. Periodic Table Building Blocks ($34): No time like the present to start memorizing the elements.

3. Lite Brite ($19): Modern day toys just can’t beat the classic Lite Brite.

4. Muppet Babies Beanies ($40): Kermieeeee!

5. Baby’s First Smartphone ($18): Ok maybe this is a little advanced for a newborn, but it’s still adorable as ever and a great gift for parents.

6. Mustachifier ($12): Want a guaranteed hipster baby? Movember may be over but mustaches are always in. Right?

7. Goodnight iPad ($15): Now, we’re not suggesting anyone ever skips the quintessential Goodnight Moon but this is a pretty sweet take on an old classic.

8. ZOMG + Who’s Your Daddy Onesies ($19): If your baby’s first words are ZOMG, you may have gone too far ;)

9. R2D2 Robeez Soft Soles ($16): Speaking of Star Wars, how cute are these little baby shoes?!

10. HTML for Babies ($10): It’s never too early to turn start teaching your little darlin’ a second language.

11. Game Boy Teether ($ unknown): A teether for a budding gamer? We love it.

12. There’s a Nap for That ($13): AH-mazing.

13. Smartphone Building Blocks (concept): Please exist soon so we can play with these at Brit + Co!

14. Space Invaders Baby Shoes ($15): Turn your young one into an 80’s gamer, a graffiti artist, or both!

15. Terabyte Nesting Dolls (currently unavailable): We know it’s cruel to include something that’s unavailable, but we just had to share these!

16. Heartbeat Pillows ($42): Nothing will sooth your baby like a robotic heartbeat. We promise, it sounds way creepier than it is.

17. Nerd in Training Baby Bib ($13): All of these gifts guarantee your little sweetheart will be a nerd in training – this one straight up says it!

18. Monstrous Table Lamps ($50): These remind us of Dr. Seuss – so fun while reading all the Seuss classics to the little one.

19. Baby Bow Ties ($18): You never know when your baby might start raising a seed round.

20. Chalkboard Laptop ($52): And finally, iWood. Your baby’s first laptop!

What geektastic baby gifts have you stumbled across online? Share links with us in the comments below.