Automated home technology is currently one of our favorite tech trends. Everything from your thermostat to your lights can be hooked up to your smartphone and regulated from afar. Genie Smart Lock is the newest entry onto the market and it’s gonna change the way you open your front door forever.

Smart Lock lets you lock and unlock your door, without fumbling for your keys. You can monitor your locks from the office or check to make sure your friend came to water the plants while you were on vacation. You can grant limited key access to friends and workers, or unlimited access to people you live with.

What really sets this system apart from other systems currently on the market is that it’s possible to use without a phone – all you have to do is buy a Bluetooth fob and you can open your locks with that. That means that if your phone is on the fritz or if you’re letting in a friend who doesn’t have a smartphone, the access will still be available.

You can even use the Smart Lock system if you’re just renting your place. It fits a traditional door and can be removed without causing any damage or leaving any evidence behind.

The full system is currently available for $249 for pre-order, and it’s likely to go up in price a bit when it’s out, so we recommend snagging it now.

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