Whether it’s wearing our glow or igniting the night with cool LED decor, we’re into incorporating light into our lives in unconventional ways. Obviously you’ll be glowing on your big day, now all you need is the decor to match. If you’re planning your summer wedding or even just a truly epic pool party, getting your glow on can mean rolling up your sleeves and hacking your own decor. We’ve searched our favorite blogs, websites, and, of course, Pinterest, and rounded up 8 DIYs that’ll let you get funky and play with light at your big event.

1. Neon Love Note: Do you have something you need to say? What better way to say it than to spell it out in big glowing letters? Lead your guests to the party, point out the drinks, or just write out a heartfelt message. (Photo via Smile And Wave)

2. Pool Lanterns: For a summertime reception, the pool can be a central piece of the fun and festivities. So whether you’re cranking up the tunes on your floating LED speakers, or getting crafty with these simple lanterns, your decor will definitely make a splash! (Photo via The Classy Housewife)

3. Glow Stick Jar: This one is a Pinterest favorite for a reason. It’s all the seasonal beauty of fireflies with all the awesomeness of glow sticks. (Photo via Lil Blue Boo)

4. Glow Cotton Candy: There are few things in this world better than cotton candy. Incandescent cotton candy? That’s tough to top. (Photo via Two Et Two)

5. Glow-in-the-Dark Cups: This super easy idea adds a little extra party to a traditional party cup. (Photo via Mommy Savers)

6. Outdoor Orbs: A $3 DIY to add an elegant lighting element to your outdoor function? This is a planner-on-a-budget’s dream. (Photo via The Art of Doing Stuff)

7. Individual Cupcake Stands: Tealights and martini glasses are all you need to present your cupcakes in a fabulously luminescent way. (Photo via Lollipops and Paper)

8. Drinks that Literally Glow: Looking to go all out and blacklight it up for your event? This simple trick will let you mix drinks that actually glow under the UV light. (Photo via Our Best Bites)

How brilliant are these DIYs? How do you hack a unique glow at your events? Let us know in the comments below or send us your ideas via Twitter.