This year’s Victoria’s Secret fashion show had some of the prettiest (and skimpiest) clothing we’ve ever seen. And while Bella Hadid and her ex, The Weeknd, lit up the stage with sizzling drama (real or faux, you decide), Bella’s sister, Gigi, was dealing with her own sudden sitch. While walking the runway in arguably the most popular show of the year, Gigi suffered a total wardrobe malfunction.

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show _ Gigi Hadid

Heading down the runway in an all black outfit, Gigi was channeling that raven-esque vibe. While our eyes were immediately drawn to her OMG-amazing thigh-high boots, many undoubtedly were looking straight at the lingerie she was totally slaying. Though perhaps she slayed a little too hard, as one of the straps that crossed her ribs SNAPPED and ended up loosely hanging down her belly.

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show _ Gigi Hadid

If Gigi noticed, she didn’t make any indication of it and just keep on strutting and posing like the pro she is. However, suffering a wardrobe malfunction during one of the biggest moments of your career is always cringe-worthy.

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(h/t E!; photos via Samir Hussein, Michael Stewart/Getty)