Remember that time the Internet freaked once we found out a Gilmore Girls reunion and Netflix reboot was happening? And then it just kept getting better as more and more cast members signed on, including Liza Weil coming back as love-to-hate-her Paris Geller? The Gilmore surprises just keep coming, and your reactions to all the goodness-slash-madness might be overwhelming. So here’s a breakdown of all the key faces and one-liners from Ms. Lorelai Gilmore herself to help you cope with the overload.

dry smile

1. The dry smile: Lorelai prefers this for when there is one more piece of pizza than you thought, and it goes to you, but we like it for monumental things, like everyone’s favorite concierge, Michel, announcing he’ll be back on the show.

snort laugh

2. The Lorelai short laugh: The original is probably in reference to something Emily did (or, conversely, when Rory says she can’t stay up watching TV marathons because she’s got homework), but it’s also useable in any situation where your resting b-face is too much, but you want to convey your displeasure.


3. The underwear check: I mean, if Lorelai were your mom, would you do it? (The answer is, most likely). She’s a cool mom, but one who is so real and working and busy she often forgets necessities. It’s ok, LG, we’ve all been there. Use this on your #BFF only, and lucky you if that happens to be your daughter, too! (But be warned: She might spill the beans afterwards.)

day of rest

4. The day of rest face: This one really needs no explanation. Give it to your roommates, husband, kids or anyone who entrenches upon your Saturday. Saturday mornings are sacred sleep time. Even our little go-getter Rory knows that.

get over yourself

5. The “get over yourself”: The fact that Lorelai says this to Rory of all people makes it a LOL moment, but you could reserve this for your nearest and dearest sisters, mother, daughter or all-around mirror- and selfie-loving friend. Although Lorelai herself would probably want someone to say that to her in relation to Luke… or pizza.


6. The case of the Mondays: We’ve all been there, but no one explains it with as much clarity as Lorelai. Stash this one in your arsenal for when your co-worker gripes once again that it’s Monday. Or when taxes are due. Or when you have to get your oil changed. Or basically any situation that is inevitable but you want a little zinger for.

going to college walk

7. The “going off to college” walk: The best part about this move is its versatility. Best for teaching your bestie how to celebrate higher education, it can be applied to just about any crowning achievement. Nothing says ‘tude like a super-exaggerated shoulder shimmy, right?

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