While fans were busy debating the pros and cons of Team Logan, Team Jess or Team Dean when it comes to Rory’s love life, Gilmore Girls sleuthing revealed a possible hint that Lorelai is pregnant (eee!). Now, Scott Patterson, who plays Lorelai’s love and potential baby-daddy Luke, has revealed the status of the pair’s relationship as well as the possibility that there’s a little Gilmore on the way.

Gilmore Girls _ Lorelai and Luke

While we may have to wait until November 25 to see all four 90-minute episodes that will take us through one year in the life of the ladies we love, hints have been dropping left and right. The biggest, of course, is the pregnancy buzz, and although Scott told People he “can’t share much,” he certainly says enough.

Gilmore Girls _ Lorelai and Luke

When asked about the super exciting speculation that Lorelai is pregnant, Scott revealed, “I can tell you that we are together…” (YAY!) “…and we’re sort of figuring out our next step.” Oh, really? Next step as in a baby?! Since he’s definitely NOT denying the rumors, it’s safe to say it’s a total possibility.

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(h/t People; photos via Gilmore Girls)