Gilmore Girls fans have been busy putting together the pieces of the puzzle we’ve been given regarding Rory’s love life from actress Alexis Bledel herself, as well as some sneaky internet sleuthing that revealed which fella she might end up with. But now, all the buzz is about Lorelai and the possibility of another Gilmore on the way. That’s right: One cryptic (but potentially totally revealing) pic has some fans thinking that Lorelai is pregnant.

Gilmore Girls _ Lorelai

With endless possibilities buzzing about the lives of each one of the Gilmore Girls characters, it’s obviously Lorelai and Rory that we’re most curious about. Of course, the peeps behind the scenes are only too happy to feed our theories, and that includes the latest juicy offering.

Posted to the Gilmore Girls Instagram page, the pic shows a cup of coffee along with a plate of Pop-Tarts and a single apple with the caption, “Pop-Tart appetizers to hold us over ’till the pizza comes. And one apple.” You may be wondering why that’s such a big deal. But if you’re a hardcore GG fan, you’ll know that it could be a HUGE hint.

Come back with us to the episode called “Blame Booze and Melville,” where Lorelai thinks she is pregnant because she’s craving, yep, an apple. Fans were quick to point out the potential hint. “An apple? Is Lorelai preggo?”

Gilmore Girls

Although others were less enthused. “This is from the episode where Rory is studying with the girls from Chilton, and Lorelai brings them Pop-Tarts with an apple as a snack ….”

Even if a baby is on the way, it doesn’t guarantee Lorelai is the mommy. Rory could also be the one expecting or, really, any of the other of the Stars Hollow ladies. We’ll just have to keep our eyes open for more hints until the four 90-minute episodes are released on Netflix November 25.

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(Photos via Gilmore Girls)

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