Typical collabs are all around us: peanut butter + jelly and strawberries + bananas. But sometimes the more creative pairings in life are the ones that stick out the most — think dogs + cats as BFFs, milkshakes + french fries and now Glade® + Cirque du Soleil®. Yep, this unlikely duo recently teamed up for an unexpected partnership to showcase how scent can transform anything from our wardrobe and makeup to how we feel in different situations. Trust us, the results are creative masterpieces both visually and emotionally.

The folks at Glade® sent us a preview of the pairing a few days ago, and we’re pumped to give you the inside scoop on how Glade®, in partnership with Cirque du Soleil, embodied the uplifting feelings of the summer. By capturing the essence of Glade® Blooming Peony & Cherry and Hawaiian Breeze® candles, the Cirque du Soleil designers created costumes and makeup aesthetics that perfectly give off a flirty and relaxed vibe!

To bring the soothing and relaxing feelings evoked by the Glade® Hawaiian Breeze® candle to life, Cirque du Soleil used the fragrant notes of tropical fruits, pineapple and plumeria and soft, warm colors to pull through the light and airy paradise look. The bright colors and zesty notes of cherry and red fruit, alongside the delicate hints of pink rose from the Glade® Blooming Peony & Cherry candle helped create the striking bold red outfit featured to the left.

Once the sketches were brought to life, the emotions each scent evokes became visions of beauty — from relaxed and calm to energetic and flirty. The relaxed essence of the Glade® Hawaiian Breeze® candle was creatively captured by the Cirque du Soleil designers to create the feeling of arriving on an exotic island for a relaxing summer getaway. The Glade® Blooming Peony & Cherry costume fully embodies the flirty and energizing notes that provide a sense of enthusiasm and confidence. Just like us during the warmer months, both looks bring to life the Glade® fragrances and leave us feeling relaxed, yet flirty (courtesy of a summer Friday, a summer treat or a combo of the two ;)

While we wouldn’t immediately think a duo like this would make a perfect creative match (candles combined with aerial arts… say what?!), it totally worked. To showcase these beauties, Glade® asked Cirque du Soleil to create a custom performance to show how scent can uplift our feelings and transform our spirit and our performance. Yep, candles are essential to the mind, body, spirit and creativity. Check out how Glade® scent was intertwined in Cirque du Soleil’s recent performance, showcasing how the power of scent brought to life the arrival of the summer season:

If seeing the acrobatic performers in this beachy, breezy, vibrant attire isn’t enough to get you saying “Hello, Summer!” some fashion and glam tips from Cirque du Soleil’s Creative team should help get you ready for the warmer months ahead. The team suggests stepping out of your comfort zone and wearing one accessory or color you aren’t used to. That’s right — express yourself through new and fun colors! For example, turn your plain hair accessory into a bright head-wrap, or wrap a bandana around your favorite summer style staple for a pop of color. For your summer glam look, the team recommends a new, fun summer fragrance and choosing natural colors for your makeup. An easy and cost-efficient way to get that soft, natural look is by simply removing three products from your daily makeup routine.

For more Glade® goodness, follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We’ve got a hunch Glade® will be sharing even more ways fragrances can help evoke different feelings and empower you to feel the way you want to feel in the coming months!

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This post is a collaboration with Glade®.