If you’ve ever wanted to be a Frida Kahlo or a Georgia O’Keefe, but lack the ingrained artistic skill, Google now has your back — creatively speaking. The Internet-dominating innovators have released DeepDream, which will help anyone create mind-blowing, trippy art that could sell for thousands of dollars. For reals.

Google DeepDream art

Here’s how it works: You upload a pic, the software analyzes and recognizes images (deliberately over-processing them) and then identifies hidden images within the pixels, revealing them to the naked eye and creating wondrous works of unique art.

Google DeepDream art

Then, you sell your pieces and make thousands of dollars. Apparently.

Google decided to auction off some of its DeepDream-generated art this past weekend in San Francisco and brought in big bucks with some pieces going for an impressive $8,000.

The swirly, whirly results you end up with will remind you of a “Starry Night” à la Van Gogh, or might even hint at some Salvador Dali-esque surrealism. Either way, they’re seriously wild and trippy.

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(h/t Refinery29; photos via Google)