Chunky GPS units are a thing of the past. These days, everyone is finding their way by using their smartphones. Although we’ll be the first to admit that we love the industry standard, Google Maps (especially with the new pit stop function), there are a few things that GM just can’t account for. Whether you’ve turned off your data for an international beach vacation, or just want a more specialized and features-packed version of your domestic travel app, here are 12 Google Map alternatives that’ll answer all of your GPS prayers.



1. Maps.Me: Everything you could ever want in a maps app is jam-packed into this awesome option. Plus, all their content is available without a wireless connection! From walking directions to bookmarks to millions of points of interests to discover, this handy dandy app is a must-download before any dream vacay.

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2. GuidePal: With high-quality city guides that take you from major attractions to little known local finds — all located on a genius interactive map — this app is like the local travel guide BFF you’ve always wanted.

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Sygic Travel

3. Sygic Travel: Although the free version of the app requires WiFi, the premium version ($19) gets you access to over 35 interactive city guides, offline maps and walking guides. Plan your trip before you leave using the free version (if you have WiFi in the hotel, this works great), and simply follow the guide for fuss-less travel.

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4. AllTrails: If your ideal vacay involves anything outdoorsy, you NEED to DL this app pronto. With over 50,000 trails across North America listed with pics, descriptions and routes (curated by nearly three million hikers), it’s a sure bet for hiking newbies and experts alike. Maps are available online with the free version (although with a little pre-planning, you can get away without borrowing WiFi) and offline with their Pro version ($30/year).

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City Maps

5. CityMaps: No matter which country you decide on for your summer destination, this free and offline-friendly app works almost everywhere. Pretty much everything you could ever want in a map app is available offline in this bad boy — a comprehensive map system, routing and awesome city guides — so make sure to check it out before you hit the road.

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6. HERE Maps: Whether you’re driving your own vehicle to your dream locale or renting one on the way, this convenient offline navigation system is a must. Although it is targeted at planners (you do have to route your journey ahead of time), it’s the added features, like transit times, walking routes and restaurant and shop reviews that really put this app over the top.

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7. CycleMap: Cycling on holidays is easier than ever before with this genius app. Providing mapped bike routes (everything from surface, distance and elevation is provided for each trail) in more than 400 cities, it’s the perfect accessory for any bike enthusiast. Plus, you can even save routes ahead of time and use them offline later.

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8. Embark: Trying to sort out transit in a new city can be a chore in and of itself. Luckily, tech is on our side with this amazing all-in-one transit app. Featuring more than 60 cities with real-time tracking, one-tap directions and Uber integration (yay!), you’ll never be lost with this lifesaver in your pocket.

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9. Gogobot: Before you have a panic attack when your evening plans fall through in a foreign country, DL this helpful app. Combining your interests, the time of day, the local weather and your location, the app curates the perfect list of attractions, events, restaurants and hotels near you. Problem solved.

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10. Maps+: This app is pretty much Google Maps on steroids. Using all the features we love about Google Maps, Maps+ adds awesome features like indoor floor plans, live traffic conditions and a crazy-easy bookmarking system to GM’s already awesome canon.

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Family Locator

11. Family Locator by Life360: Never lose your fam bam or besties on vacation again. Simply create a circle with all of your trip mates and get real-time updates on everyone’s location whenever you wish. The app will even send you a push-notification when anyone arrives at a pre-determined spot — perfect for emergency meeting places.

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12. Sidekix: Don’t settle for a boring chain-store coffee when there are tons of local gems just around the corner. With this innovative and expert-approved app, finding new hotspots on foot is mega-easy. It even sports a “buddy up” option where you can invite trusted friends to virtually walk with you (even if they are on a desktop) to make traveling by foot safe and easy.

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