Turquoise waters, bright blue skies, infinity pools and… the winter blues? Ladies, there’s no such thing as low spirits in Cabo, an idyllic West Coast paradise. The Mexican city is brimming with appeal for both the lazy traveler (Hey, chaise lounge Corona sipper and poolside massage enthusiast) and activity-fiend alike. Domestic retreats are wonderful — we’re allllll about that Nashville tryst. But with winter temperatures in Cabo hovering around 80 degrees, you’ll want to plot your getaway now and get to sitting on that beach faster than you can say “ceviche.” Scroll on for 11 reasons why Cabo should be your next beach vacation.


1. Cabo is home to one of the best chefs in the world. A Mexican chef standing at the helm of the esteemed James Beard House in New York City is almost unheard of. Enter Mauricio Lopez, executive chef at the Hilton Los Cabos Resort, who will be displaying his culinary prowess at the lauded restaurant. His boundless creativity shines through in the simplest menu choices (like beautifully-plated local cheeses paired perfectly with regional Baja wines) and dramatic displays of herbs and flowers frozen in blocks of ice at a sashimi station.

Want to head home with some serious culinary chops of your own? The resort offers the opportunity to arrange a cooking class with the maestro himself, where you’ll learn the secrets of everything from perfectly balanced ceviche to authentic Mexican tortilla soup. And did we mention chocolate encrusted avocado mousse with gold leaf? Yes, yes we did.


2. The whale watching will give you Free Willy-status snaps. Winter is prime time for whale watching in Cabo (the season runs from around December to April). Soak in sunshine and matchless views on Cabo Adventures’ Whale Watching Photo Safari. You might even catch a glimpse of a dolphin and whale playdate. If you’re thinking whale watching means viewing the formidable mammal from afar, think again. You’ll get up close and personal on this trip, which takes you past the stunning Arch of Cortez and out to sea on a small motorboat where you’ll witness the whales breach, dive and maybe even swim under your boat.

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3. You’ll feel good about supporting a post-hurricane economy. In 2014 Cabo was hit with a Category 3 hurricane, which destroyed countless properties and put a huge damper on tourism. Hurricane Odile caused over $1 billion dollars in damage. The soulful community came together to rebuild and rebound, but you can still see many signs of the storm’s wrath, and some hotels (like the Westin) still haven’t been able to reopen their doors. You’ll love knowing that choosing to vacation in Cabo is playing a role in empowering this tight-knit city to get past the hard times and flourish. Hey, maybe now’s the time to take that adult sabbatical you always dreamed of and volunteer for a month.


4. You can finally conquer your fear of heights. Ready… set… harness up for blast off! The sky’s the limit (for real) at Canopy Costa Azul Eco-Adventure zip lining, where you’ll zoom through the air as friends, family or loved ones wince at your lame psych-yourself-up rituals and teeth-grinding grins for the camera. You’ll get an exhilarating thrill from soaring over a thousand feet in the air between canyons (one even has an awe-inspiring ocean view) at 50 to 60 miles per hour. And by the third or so zip line, you may even want to look down. To wind down your joyride, you’ll rappel down the side of a cliff (more adrenaline-inducing than you ever dreamed), before bee-lining to a much-deserved complimentary shot of tequila. Salud!

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5. It can be swanky or totally affordable. Cabo may have a rep as an upscale paradise (and if you’re looking to buy out an entire hotel and hire a yoga instructor for your wedding guests, that can be arranged), but it’s also surprisingly affordable. Recent round trip flights from New York on Delta clocked in at under $350 roundtrip. Hotel-wise, there’s a wide array of budget-friendly options and you can even snag luxe rooms at larger resorts for great deals. We’re all about loading up on a ton of catch-of-the-day-tacos for under $10 and finding that margarita deal (hey, it’s five o’clock somewhere).

infinity pool hilton los cabos

6. Infinity pools. If you can’t call these ultra-reflective, architectural gems of wonder a reason to escape the cold and plunge into bliss, we don’t know what will sway you. Whether you’re slinking into the buoyant embrace of the Hilton’s infinity pool (pictured) or soaking up the view at Sheraton Hacienda Del Mar‘s pool, there’s really no better way to laze away an afternoon… or five.

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7. Your mind will be blown away by fruits and vegetables you’ve never heard of. Tiki’s Organic Farm, located on the outskirts of Cabo in Miraflores, is a vibrant and diverse organic produce farm that dazzles with a dizzying array of fruits, veggies, herbs and edible flowers. For an off-the-beaten-path excursion, visit this picturesque land and walk through aisle after aisle of the earth’s bounty — from delicate squash blossoms to purple carrots.


8. You’ve got full permission to embrace your inner kid and swim with the dolphins. Your bucket list just got another tick. At Cabo Adventures’ downtown hub, the dolphin signature swim will have you taking a dip in the water with a small group as you watch talented trainers interact with this intelligent creature, guiding it through twists, flips and more. Dance with the dolphins or kiss their salty lips before getting on for an unforgettable ride around the pool as your compatriots cheer you on. And yes, the photos might just break a new Instagram record for you.

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9. The hospitality is palpable. The locals will enchant you with their warmth and kindness, along with the occasional Donald Trump joke that will have you cracking a big grin. Whether they’re telling you about a secret beach for the calmest swimming or offering you fresh smoothies straight from the farm to your straw, the big hearts of the locals are contagious. Hotel employees even tell stories of guests banding together during storms to help in any way, from starting sandwich assembly lines to sweeping debris.

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10. Because… beach yoga. We’ll take Bikram in 80 degrees with an ocean view over 104 in a studio any day. Namaste, ladies.

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11. You haven’t tried a margarita until you’ve visited. Tamarind margaritas. Passionfruit margaritas. Pineapple margaritas. Papaya margaritas. Straight up. On the rocks. Blended. Frozen. Cabo folks are fiercely proud of their tequila, and you’ll be captivated by lingering memories of just how phenomenal the real deal is. While your neighborhood frozen special may forever be tainted, the good news is that we guess this means you’ll just have to go back.

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(Photos courtesy Hilton Los Cabos and Cabo Adventures)