Love travel so much that you’d take a pay cut to do it more? We hear you. Seeing the world is a seriously amazing thing, even when getting your travel itinerary together causes a major headache (this can be especially tough while jet-setting with a group of friends). From navigating colorful city streets to avoiding tourist traps, completing all of your trip-to-dos can call for a lot of advance planning. Thankfully, there’s Google Maps for getting around — and if you’re a super user like we are, you’re about to love the smart technology even more, thanks to the company’s awesome new release: Google Lists.

Tourists couple map in front of Blue Mosque in Istanbul Sultanahmet

As of February 14, Google Lists gives you the ability to save and create lists and then search for them on maps with your phone. This makes it a total breeze to see all of the boutiques, restaurants, and markets you researched, as well as how closely they’re clustered together for spending your time most efficiently. Amazing, right?

When it comes to making a list, all you need to do is type in the address of wherever you want to go, expand details for the location, and hit “Save” to create a new list based off of your destination. If you already have a working list, you can follow the exact same simple steps to add the new location to an existing list. Easy peasy!

As if that’s not useful and game-changing enough, you can access your lists while offline (hallelujah!) or share them with traveling companions to make sure everyone syncs in the right spot. You can also send your lists to friends who want to follow in your travel footsteps, sparing them the hours of research you so thoughtfully put in.

So whether you’re an around-the-world adventurer who loves to just wing it after you’ve bought your travel tickets or a planner who takes all of the necessary steps to design the perfect itinerary, it’s probably a pretty safe bet that you’ll love using lists once you actually reach your destination. Here’s to your most successful trip yet!

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(Photos via Getty and Google, h/t The Points Guy)