Did you know your computer comes with automatic voice controls? It’s true — any of ‘em. All you need to do now is type Google.com into your browser and woomp, there it is.

This week, Google made a part of the Glass experience available to all of us who use the site to find what we’re searching for + who use its Google Chrome browser on the reg (which you should be doing — you’re doing that, right? Step away from the Internet Explorer, we repeat, step away…). You can now search the web using a verbal “Ok Google” command without having to type or click.

It’s easy to turn the function on, just make sure you’re using Chrome and visit Google.com. See that little microphone icon in the right part of the the search box? Click that and follow the prompts to turn on voice controls. You can also open Chrome, click the Chrome menu on the browser toolbar in the top right corner, click Settings, click “Show advanced settings” and under the “Privacy” section check or uncheck the checkbox next to “Enable ‘OK Google’ to start a voice search.”

Anyone who went from Bluetooth in ear to Glass on head, or big Siri and Cortana enthusiasts used to verbal communication with their devices, will be in heaven. People who are worried about what it means to leave their computer’s mic on all-day hooked up to a corporation very interested in your personal data, might not be as quick to turn this feature on. Maybe also you’re not totally comfy publicly shouting out all of your Google searches…

Which made us think of our friend’s comic on the subject of Google searches. Enjoy (LOL, RIGHT?!), and stay tuned for a Google vs. Siri vs. Cortana head to head to voice battle, which is clearly in order.

What easy “upgrades” have you made to your computer or devices? Have you tried Google or another voice search option?