If the thing holding you back from Google Glass all this time was that it’s lacking in the looks department — in both the fashionable and functional sense of the word — you’re about to see the light. Today, Glass announced the Titanium collection, four pairs of frames and three pairs of shades that work with your prescription and Glass hardware. Oh, did you think you were going to get away with not having to wear a very visible computer/camera attached to your head? No, that’s still a thing. We said “pretty…(er)” after all.

But we’re digging these specs! Although Google didn’t pair up with an established eyewear company to collaborate on the collection, Titanium at least looks like it took a cue from the Warby Parkers of the world. Frames are $225 (not including the $1499 pricetag on the actual Google Glass), made of titanium and might even work with your insurance. Healthcare provider VSP says it will reimburse members for a portion of their cost. Are you picking out your pair yet, or what?

This development answers the call from initial feedback to provide prescription options. Plus, early reports say the Titanium frames are actually more comfortable than the OG GG (Original Gangsta Google Glass). Although we can now see what’s in front of us, we can’t see into the future or whether this upgrade will lead to more interest and casual, daily Glass-wearing for the slightly less geeky crowd. The new styles definitely put Google far in the fashion forward lead when it comes to heads up displays but even on a more normal setting, it won’t be long before you and the folks around you realize that you’re wearing Google Glass.

Would you rock Google Glass now that it comes in cooler frames? Which of the above styles is your favorite?