We can all agree that getting stung by a bee isn’t fun. As a kid, it can make for a pretty bad day at the pool. But celebs like Gwyneth Paltrow are actually paying to get stung by bees, all in the name of beauty. Ouch!

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Gwyneth, founder of lifestyle website Goop and author of the cookbook It’s All Easy, recently shared in an interview with The New York Times that she has tried the ancient beauty routine called apitherapy (often called “bee sting therapy”) to get rid of inflammation and scarring. But, she admitted, it’s ultra-painful. You don’t say.

According to the American Apitherapy Society, “bee therapy” is the medicinal use of products made by honeybees (think: bee venom, honey, pollen, beeswax). Bee therapy can be used to treat conditions such as gout, arthritis, shingles and more, and at estimates as low as $624 per a year of treatment, it’s certainly more affordable than a lot of Gwynnie’s other lifestyle choices (hello, $185 morning smoothie).

When it comes to strange beauty routines, that’s not all Gwyneth is willing to try. She also told NYT that she’s into the idea of cryotherapy, which basically involves sitting in a freezing chamber that’s as cold as negative 300 degrees. This beauty routine is also thought to reduce inflammation.

Looks like for Gwyneth, beauty really is pain.

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(Photo via Frazer Harrison Staff/Getty)