Fun Fact: Harry Potter will be 34 on July 31. Happy super early birthday, Harry! While we’re still upset we never got our Hogwarts letters, we think for our own birthdays we’re going to ask for the real life The Book of Monsters ($295) — because now we can. We can’t decide if we want to keep this book a magical secret on our private bookshelves or throw the most epic costume party. No Muggles allowed!

This beautiful/genius/terrifying creation is sure to take us back to the magical world of Hogwarts any time our hearts desire. Who doesn’t need a mythical monster getaway every now and again?

There’s also a limited edition Harry Potter: The Creature Vault, where you can nerd out on the creation of all the different mysterious creatures that had the misfortune of being slayed by young Mr. Potter and company.

Sideshow, the site selling the book, claims this is a must for true fans. All we can say is: There’s a fine line between true fans and true nerds.

What do you think about this amazing Potter book? Let us know in the comments!

(h/t Hello Giggles, feature image via Warner Bros)