ICYMI: There’s a new Harry Potter book out, and it’s filled with exquisite sketches of the creatures that captured our hearts (RIP Dobby) and haunted our nightmares (boggarts). Any Potterhead would love to add it to their stack of coffee table reads, and Potter fan or not, anyone’s bound to spend hours admiring the gorgeous illustrations and reading all the behind-the-scenes info. Perfect for holiday gifting, if you ask us. If you’re looking for even more presents to give the Harry Potter fanatic(s) in your life, we found 20 that they’ll love. Granted, you can’t make their Hogwarts acceptance letter delivery happen, but these gifts come pretty close.

1. Don’t Let the Muggles Get You Down Mug ($23): Haters gonna hate, but that’s never reason enough to drag you down. You’ve got the magic in you. Make this your #motivationalmonday quote when you’re sipping your morning cuppa.

2. Graphic Tee ($15): Every once in a while, we like to indulge in a mega-marathon of watching the Harry Potter movies back to back. Do it in comfort and style with this lightweight cotton raglan tee, featuring the best trio of friends, baby-faced Harry, Hermione and Ron.

3. Makeup/Pencil Pouch ($10): They’ll need to store their wands (read: pens, pencils, markers) in something portable for easy access, and this colorful zipper clutch covered in cartoon characters fits the bill.

4. Harry + Ron Earrings ($7): What a pair of studs! (We crack ourselves up.) Young Harry and Ron are too cute. These earrings are sure to keep spirits high and the laughs coming.

5. Polyjuice Flask ($25): When it’s been that kind of day (or week), sometimes we need a swig or two of polyjuice. Fill it with the brew (or spirits) that suits your fancy. As for the official elixir, leeches, boomslang skin and bicorn horn are sold separately.

6. Potterhead Candle Sample Pack ($14): The folks at Frostbeard created a mini-collection of scented soy candles inspired by characters and settings from the books. Butterbeer is a sweet and rich butterscotch base with notes of creme brulee and butter rum (um, yum). Dumbledore’s Office is warm, woodsy and cozy, with a base of cedarwood vanilla, fireplace and lemon drops. You can spring for the sampler pack to try all scents or purchase 8 oz candles of individual scents for $15.

7. Accio Coffee Mug ($20): Once our alarm goes off each morning, we can’t get coffee in our hands and down the hatch quick enough. Summon your brew of choice in this coffee mug.

8. Hogwarts Seal Sweater ($36): You’ve visited Platform 9 3/4 and heard the whistle of Hogwarts Express in your head. While you’ve got your fingers crossed waiting for it to make a return stop at King’s Cross Station, sip some butterbeer and relax in this comfy Hogwarts sweatshirt.

9. Harry Potter Hard Cover Box Set: Books 1-7 ($107): Sure, they will never (repeat, never) get rid of their beloved paperback copies that they first owned, but you can complete their HP collection with the official set of hardcover books, which includes a chest to keep these treasures protected. And it’s got a snazzy antiqued exterior, which will look great next to their HP memorabilia.

10. Harry Potter: The Complete 8-Film Collection ($40): Let the movie marathoning begin. LOTR fans get to enjoy extra meals like second breakfast and elevensies, so it’s only natural that Potterheads enjoy The Great Feast Platter while watching all 15+ hours of the cinematic adventure.

11. Accio Wine Glass ($22): We can’t get coffee fast enough in the morning before work, but come five o’clock, it’s wine time.

12. Refrigerator Magnet Set ($12): Fans of all ages will love stringing together haikus or six-word stories using vocabulary from the Wizarding World.

13. The Three Broomsticks Pint Glass Set ($28): Whether your go-to brew is wheaty or hoppy, serve it up in these authentic pub pint glasses.

14. Deathly Hallows Sweatshirt ($35): With the Elder Wand, Resurrection Stone and Cloak of Invisibility, you’re equipped to handle anything that comes your way. Use them wisely.

15. Hogwarts Beanie ($10): Everyone knows which Hogwarts House they belong in. Rep Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin in style with these pom pom-topped beanies.

16. The Three Broomsticks Mug ($20): ‘Tis the season to whip up a batch of super decadent butterbeer. The recipient of this mug will have the coziest season ever.

17. Quidditch Decal ($7): Know someone who’s a Quidditch pro? This snitch decal is the perfect way to amp up their tech.

18. Spectacles Ring ($32): Next to Atticus Finch, Harry Potter’s our favorite bespectacled literary protagonist. This titanium-wire ring is wrapped in the shape of Harry’s iconic glasses and lightning scar.

19. Print Collection – Set of 6 ($50): These subtle prints are meant for a home office or nursery. It’s never too early to start the Harry Potter series.

20. Title Icon Sweatshirt ($35): Sport all seven books in the series with the icons that represent them best.

Do you see something an HP-loving bud (or you) would love to unwrap? Leave us a comment.