We might not know what Edward and Bella are up to while they live forever with their half human-half vampire offspring (oh, and their half werewolf grandkiddies) or how all that extensive therapy is going for poor Peeta and Katniss :( but J.K. Rowling is keeping our other YA dreams alive and releasing an update on the Harry Potter crew into the world wide web. And, oh, are we ready for it or what.

Potterheads have been devouring J.K.鈥檚 latest offering over on the author鈥檚 official site and online world of wizardry, Pottermore. With the World Cup happening IRL, Rowling鈥檚 official Insider blog has been feeding fans play-by-play updates of the Quidditch World Cup as told by Rita Skeeter, the Daily Prophet鈥檚 Perez Hilton. The crafty author 鈥 we expect nothing less 鈥 has slipped in some major updates on the beloved characters in her posts.

For the first time since the end of the series, J.K. gives us a glimpse at our favorite four all grown up through the words of Rita. She writes about a 30-something, salt-and-pepper haired Harry Potter, a balding Ron Weasley, femme fatale (and head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement!) Hermione Granger and journalist Ginny Potter.

On the heels of Taylor Swift鈥檚 WSJ op-ed about the future of the music industry, Ms. Rowling is showing us what the next chapter of our favorite fiction can look like. The series could have ended at the Deathly Hallows, but J.K. is taking it way beyond 鈥 and doesn鈥檛 need a new seven book deal to give fans the Harry update they want/need. Knowing her readers (everyone in the world) live online (like, everyone in the world), she鈥檚 continuing Harry Potter鈥檚 story on smartphones and desktops, weaving it in to your daily read in a relevant way that鈥檚 almost a little too real. Though we would gladly wait in line overnight at a Barnes + Noble for the next installment, this is even better.

Visit Pottermore to read more highlights from the Quidditch World Cup and see what Harry and Hermione dirt Rita digs up next. Love affair, anyone?

Are you a Harry Potter fan/fiend? What author do you wish would take J.K. Rowling鈥檚 approach to keeping the story going?

(h/t Time)