Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl halftime show was certainly one to remember — wire-acrobatics, onstage flames, amazing football catches and, oh yeah, did we mention drones? We’re just gonna go ahead and wager that this was the first time you’ve seen a sky-full of robotic stars creating a zipping, zooming red, white and blue flair-filled spectacle. So, what exactly were you seeing? Well, as it turns out, there’s some some pretty cool deets behind that memorable display.

Lady Gaga Super Bowl

300 drones (yep, there were 300 up there!) flew in perfect formation using Intel Shooting Star technology: the same tech that’s expected to one day help in search-and-rescue and agricultural aspects. It’s currently been wow-ing crowds in shows like Disney’s Shooting Star drone squad and Sydney’s record-setting performance for “most unmanned aerial vehicles airborne simultaneously,” which saw a whopping 500 drones in the sky.

A more simplistic version than consumer quadcopters, these eight ounce, foot-long squares are fitted with onboard LEDs capable of creating four billion color combinations. Coded with choreography to perform their aerial acrobatics, each drone is connected wirelessly to a central computer which coordinates the full fleet. So meticulous is this set up, should one drone fail, another will take its place within seconds, making it THE techiest light-show we’ve ever seen.

Buh-bye, fireworks!

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(h/t Wired, photo via Larry Busacca + @arnieharrison/Getty)