When looking for a potential mate, we consider many aspects: how attractive we find them, their family background and how smart we think they are. Obviously, we do this while thinking about the potential for future babies, but what if our husband’s smarts have no bearing on how bright our babies will be? One study says the age you get pregnant could decide how smart your kids will be, but we weren’t expecting this added bit of information on how babies get their intelligence.

African mother and baby having fun

A growing body of research is changing the idea that both moms and dads have any bearing on how smart the kids are, and is instead suggesting that just one parent supplies those genius genes. And it should come as no surprise that it’s the mom and not the dad who passes along those smarty pants bits of DNA to babies.

And not only do mom’s genetics determine smarts, it looks as though dad’s DNA gets totally pushed out of the way when it comes to brain power. The X chromosome (of which moms have two, and dads only have one) is what carries intelligence, while dad’s Y carries the materials that help make up the limbic system, the mechanics that determine how the body runs.

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So what does that mean for you? Well, first of all, probably that your baby is going to be just as smart as you are. And secondly, don’t worry about finding a rocket scientist or a doctor or a lawyer as a partner, but maybe just focus on finding someone who makes you happy, because you’re the one who’ll help make sure your future babies are baby Einsteins.

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