Having your hair done every six to eight weeks is the ultimate treat, but sometimes with work and school it can be challenging to find the time to get a cut. If you’re unable to fit a snip into your schedule, we’ve got solutions for how to keep your hair looking healthy. Here are five fresh ideas.


1. Stay Consistent With Color: When today’s opal hair is yesterday’s rainbow, it’s tempting to want to run to the salon every other minute. Here’s a pro tip: any color that’s the same level of darkness will deposit color into your strands, helping to condition it a bit. Ask for the color to be pulled through to your ends for a refresher, which will soften your hair for a few more weeks.


2. Style With Braids: French, fishtail, baby… this trend is amazing for uncut locks. Your ends stay secure, plus you don’t need to use heat.

3. Low Heat When Styling: When you have to use heat, go low. When it becomes hard to comb through the ends, stop and use an oil or serum. If you just comb through you are essentially breaking off your hair. Always shield your hair with heat-protecting products.


4. Curls: Make sure hair is combed through and smooth before you start curling. If not, the ends will look frayed and damaged. If they are combed through and softened, you can curl and pull the iron down to your ends and make sure they are smoothed. This is the most common way to hide those ends.


5. Wear Your Hair Up: Choose a style that doesn’t require a lot of twisting and pulling. The top knot would be the best, since it causes the least amount of stress to the hair. If you style your top knot with a ponytail to begin, don’t make it as tight. If you don’t use an elastic to start, that’s even better.

How do you keep your ends looking fresh? Let us know in the comments below!