With all three Presidential debates now a thing of the past, all we have left to do is discuss, decode and debrief on every single aspect. What nominee Hillary Rodham Clinton made clear last night was that she was prepared to stand up for women’s rights, which started with her clear decision to uphold Roe v. Wade. But she also made a statement about women’s rights in her choice of clothing. Yes, we are used to seeing HRC in her “power suits,” but what makes last night’s so important hearkens back to the days before women in this country could even vote.

Final Presidential Debate Between Hillary Clinton And Donald Trump Held In Las Vegas

During the years of suffragettes, white was the color that women wore to show their support of each other and their rights as citizens, which shows that it was no mistake that HRC chose her feminine white Ralph Lauren pantsuit. This subtle choice helps differentiate her from her opponent in many ways, including that she’s light, easy and definitely here for women.

Racked brings up an important point about Hillary’s wardrobe choices too. In previous years, we’d see Hill as the HBIC in a very masculine suit (the aforementioned “power suit”), but these days, she has forgone the more boxy and traditional menswear-inspired suit for something decidedly more feminine and soft: the car-length jacket and slacks. After all these years of having to play along with the men, HRC’s now able to showcase her softer side, and the loose, long look is easy to wear, conservative and remains fashionable in any situation.

So basically, what we see here is Hill doing a subtle shout-out to all the ladies, saying, “I’m here for this, I’m here for you, and I’m definitely not the candidate you’ve grown used to.” And that’s one powerful statement wrapped up in a simple lady’s suit, right?

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