Candles… you always need more, and they make great gifts. As you prepare for the holiday season, set the tone in your home with aromas of pine, cookies, campfire or even a flannel shirt. Whether you’re setting your table for Thanksgiving, setting up your tree or painting your holiday nails, let your nose take you to an enchanted forest or kitchen full of baked goodies with these 23 candles. Happy smelling!

1. Campfire ($15): Fall and winter call for sitting around the campfire, and if you can’t literally do that, you at least have this soy-based candle from Great Bear Wax Co.

2. Winter ($32): Clean, classic packaging along with the fresh scent of winter is what this soy candle, poured in small batches, is all about.

3. Holiday ($22): Spice up your holiday with notes of cinnamon sticks, spiced raisins and gingerbread.

4. Tree ($60): Place this fresh pine forest candle next to your faux tree and no one will know the difference!

5. Gingerbread ($32): The cozy and delicious scent of gingerbread is wrapped in an adorable string and gift box.

6. Naughty ($16): Playful and full of exotic spices, woods and musk, this candle can be gifted alone or with its counterpart…

7. Nice ($16): And that counterpart just so happens to be a sweet mix of vanilla and sugar with a touch of coconut.

8. Hot Cider ($24): Does it get any cuter than a hot cider candle in a mug that you can use after the candle is done? We think not…

9. Woodfire ($16): Drink your hot apple cider right beside a woodfire-scented blend of cedar wood, smoke, patchouli and vanilla in a boho mercury glass holder.

10. Holiday and Birchwood Pine Votive Set ($68): The ultimate luxurious gift set of five votives with two seasonal scents. “Holiday” consists of pomegranate, Mandarin orange, pine and cloves with a touch of vanilla and amber, while “Birchwood Pine” has an aroma of pine, fir balsam and birchwood on top of musk and amber.

11. Flannel Shirt ($22): Cozy up in your favorite flannel and take in the soy wax blend of leather, tobacco, amber and musk.

12. North Woods ($16): A Brit + Co exclusive, this all-natural blend of essential oils in candle form is meant to bring you as close to a dense forest feel as possible.

13. Peppermint ($20): For all you mint mavens out there, this candle will satisfy your senses.

14. Pumpkin Souffle ($16): A delicious dessert in a jar, this guy is full of nutmeg, pumpkin, maple syrup, ginger and vanilla.

15. Balsam and Cedar ($18): The enchanting outdoors in a tin can is great for travelers.

16. Czech Holiday Cookie ($98): For all the non-bakers out there, you can burn this cookie candle without burning your cookies. It’s Czech tradition to bake cookies before the holidays — cookies that smell of cinnamon, clove, cedarwood, lemon, patchouli and vanilla.

17. Holiday Hearth ($38): This stylish Jonathan Adler candle sports red wax and combines outdoor evergreen trees with berries, cinnamon and clove.

18. Creamy Eggnog ($18): Drink in the scent of eggnog in an adorable tin filled with notes of milk, cocoa powder, red fruit, vanilla, allspice, marshmallow, cinnamon, rum and cognac. It’s also available in mulled wine, toasted hazelnut and hot buttered rum.

19. Joy ($15): When it comes to the holidays, a little plaid must be had. Cinnamon, orange and spices fill up this three-wick tin candle.

20. Cashmere Sweater ($32): Stay calm and cozy with a cashmere candle. You’ll be smelling patchouli, vanilla and a hint of lime.

21. Fallen Birch Branch Votive Set ($48): This set of hand-crafted votive holders is great for rustic home decor as well as an option for unscented candles.

22. Holiday ($60): Evergreen, juniper and red current make up Ralph Lauren’s version of what the holidays should smell like.

23. Champagne ($42): Enter the new year with the fizzly sizzly scent of pink grapefruit, champagne, raspberry, French cassis, violet leaves, rose petals, crushed sage, crisp mint and grape leaf… sounds good enough to drink.

Which seasonal scent will you be burning this holiday? Let us know in the comments!