We think it’s a travesty that, between Halloween and Christmas, Thanksgiving often gets the short end of the celebrating stick. Sure, we all let our eating habits fall by the wayside when we see that table heaped with our fave dishes. But often, that’s all it’s heaped with. Between getting the turkey in the oven, avoiding Aunt Mildred and making sure the pumpkin pies are ready, it’s easy to let the Thanksgiving-themed decorating slide. We say, NO MORE. And to that end, we’ve found 15 gorgeous tables to inspire your turkey day tablescape.

1. Purple and Persimmon Table: The pilgrims may not have had persimmons at the first Thanksgiving, but man were they missing out. Deck out your table with seasonal produce, rich greens and purple linens for a luxe take on T-Day. (via Apartment 34)

2. Burlap and Sunflower Table: It’s no secret that we love autumn, but the orange-red-brown color palette can get a little boring year after year. This table, with burlap, navy, sunflowers and white pumpkins, is just as seasonal, but much more elegant. (via Nyla Free Designs)

3. Rustic Barn Table: If you’re lucky enough to have an easily accessible barn, we hope you’re using it. Thanksgiving just screams for some rustic chic decor like a lace table runner and lantern centerpiece. (via Hetler Photography Blog)

4. Woodland Table: Turn your Thanksgiving dinner into a woodland picnic with this beautiful detail-laden table setting. We mean, will you check out those faux fur wine cozies? (via Griffanie)

5. Lace and Rose Table: Roses are always a classic choice, and this dark color palette is perf for a late autumn fiesta. The little succulents at each seat will leave a lasting impression. (via The Glitter Guide)

6. Cute and Colorful Kids’ Table: Don’t forget about the kiddos! They may not appreciate your elegant and painstaking grown-up tablescape, but they’ll love the little finger foods and games you put out just for them. (via For Rent)

7. Black and White Table: Make your table interactive with a chalkboard table runner and paint pens. Your guests can fill in what they’re thankful for to jumpstart the convo. (via Lauren Conrad)

8. Draw Together: Take it one step farther with a butcher paper and coloring supplies at each seat. It’s like everyone has their own kids menu. (via Canvas Shoppe)

9. Pretty Persimmon Table: The bright orange persimmons and berries contrast perfectly with dusty miller in this basket centerpiece. (via The Sweetest Occasion)

10. Outdoor Table: We’re in love with the idea of having Thanksgiving dinner outside. Tree stump stools, cozy blankets and a bonfire at the end of the night? Yes, please. (via The Pretty Blog)

11. Smokey Quartz Table: Bring some metallics to the table with glittery pumpkin place cards and an intricate votive holder. (via Sweet Something Designs)

12. Modern Mixed Metallic Table: The mix of orange and silver pumpkins with tall tapers and personalized place settings makes this table a touchdown. (via Making Lemonade Blog)

13. Thankful Placemat Table: If you’re not up to making a chalkboard table runner, individual brown paper placemats are just as sweet for brainstorming your blessings. (via Oh My Deer Handmades)

14. Alfresco Table: Showcase how thankful you are to live in a warm place with a sunny alfresco turkey dinner, complete with sunflowers and striped linens. (via Celebrations at Home)

15. Cotton Table: When dreaming up your tablescape, don’t forget to incorporate local touches — like this Southern table accented with cotton as well as pumpkins. (via Talk of the House)

Do you let the turkey have the place of honor on T-Day, or do you go all out decorating? Share your traditions in the comments!