Whether you’re getting tips on how to deal with a holiday office party or you’re swooning over the style from your favorite movie characters, there are certain holiday movies that you just turn to again and again to get into the festive spirit. This season, get inspired by Buddy’s piles of paper snowflakes, Clark Griswold’s string light extravaganza and the Whos’ pretty pastel color palettes to fill your home with a touch of film-inspired charm. Scroll down for 16 holiday decor ideas from your favorite movies.


1. English Charm: You could grab some decorating inspo from almost every scene in Love Actually, but Karen’s home is especially cozy. Her family-friendly living room is so warm and inviting, you practically feel like you’re coming home every time you watch the movie. (Photo via Sony Pictures)


2. Layered Garlands: When you have a cottage as gorgeous as the one in The Holiday, you really don’t need too much decor to make it look magical. While Amanda is busy getting swept off her feet by the beautiful Graham, she did have some time to jazz up her mantel with several layers of string lights and bead garlands for an effortlessly chic look. (Photo via Sony Pictures)


3. Paper Snowflakes and Paper Chain Garlands: Who can forget how Buddy the Elf completely transforms his home and Gimbel’s department store into a winter wonderland with an avalanche of paper snowflakes and layers of paper chains hanging from the ceiling. Grab your scissors and a bottle of wine — or spaghetti and maple syrup — and start snipping! (Photo via New Line Cinema)


4. Pretty Pastels: Take a cue from the Whos in How the Grinch Stole Christmas and ditch traditional red and greens for eye-poppin’ pastels. The Whos totally brighten up their little town with hot pink, bright blue, lime green and vivid orange decorations. Over the top? Never! Bring on the multicolor lights, shiny ball ornaments and glittery tinsel. (Photo via Universal Pictures)


5. Cozy Chic: It isn’t the holiday season until a full viewing of the classic Christmas movie, Home Alone. The living room is decked to the hilt with classic red and green decorations, including classic ornaments, quirky nutcrackers and a fab lineup of stockings. All the comforts of the holidays at home. Alone. (Photo via 20th Century Fox)


6. Light ‘Em Up: Nobody knows how to get “lit” like Clark Griswold in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. Like Clark, we firmly believe the more string lights, the merrier. Just please, PLEASE make sure your cat doesn’t decide to nom on any wires. (Photo via Warner Bros.)


7. Perf Porch Decor: Who says garlands have to stay inside on the staircase and mantel? Take a tip from this picture-perfect house in Christmas With the Kranks and drape greenery over the front door and windows to take your outdoor decor to the next level without ever stepping foot on an icy roof or dealing with massive knots of tangled lights. (Photo via Columbia)


8. Traditional Glam: SJP’s heels and tight ballet bun aren’t the only thing catching our attention in The Family Stone: The family’s home is downright stunning. The living room is decked out with classic decorations and a towering tree that would be a dream to decorate. (Photo via 20th Century Fox)


9. Magazine-Worthy Mansion: Anyone who has dreamed about the perfect Christmas morning can relate to the total magic of The Miracle of 34th Street’s over-the-top holiday home. Trees that touch the ceiling, piles of presents, stuffed animals… who wouldn’t believe in Santa after a show like that?? (Photo via 20th Century Fox)


10. Garland Swag: There are plenty of cringe-worthy scenes in Four Christmases, but that tinsel is just *so* on point. Whether you drape it over your tree, turn it into a photo booth backdrop or just wear it on your sweater, you can’t go wrong with all that sparkly goodness. (Photo via New Line Cinema)


11. Non-Traditional Tree: Fake trees sometimes get a bad rap, but the white tree in Edward Scissorhands is popping in a peppermint-inspired color palette of red and pink. If you’re going faux this year, go all out with a colorful tree that makes a serious statement. (Photo via 20th Century Fox)


12. Christmas Wonderland: True, it might have been an act of parental manipulation, but the holiday decor in Daddy’s Home is every kid’s — and adult’s — dream come true. Grab some decorating inspiration from this movie’s gorg living room with garlands, twinkling lights and yard-sized holiday decor. Pony optional. (Photo via Paramount Pictures)


13. Handmade Charm: Technically, You’ve Got Mail isn’t a Christmas movie, but Kathleen Kelly transforms her quaint bookstore into a beautiful holiday display of vintage and handmade ornaments. Steal the same feels for your own home with a hot cocoa station, tons of cookies and *all* the cozy textures. (Photo via Warner Bros.)


14. Retro Colored Lights: Who could forget the insanity of the crisis hotline from Mixed Nuts? Or Steve Martin’s rather awesome velvet brocade jacket, for that matter? Technicolor lights never go out of style, TBH, so check out these creative ways to show off string lights and rock those colors in style. (Photo via Sony)


15. Tasty Treats Galore: If your idea of the perfect holiday home is filled with bowls of candy, snack plates and classic taper candles, you’ll love Twilight’s cozy vibe. Steal the look with a foolproof cheese spread, DIY stockings and cute candlesticks. (Photo via Summit Entertainment)


16. Winter Wonderland Dining Hall: Yep, saved the best for last: Harry Potter‘s dining hall is essentially the epitome of a winter wonderland, with multiple trees, a roaring fire and actual snowflakes falling from the sky. This one might be a little harder to replicate, but maybe these snowy party lights would get you close? (Photo via Warner Bros.)

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(Featured photo via Sony Pictures)