The holiday season is chock full of opportunities for you and your sweetie to get dressed up in your most festive formalwear (or tacky sweaters) and hit up the Christmas party circuit. Between office get-togethers and cookie exchanges, though, you both may get burned out from making the rounds.

There’s no better cure for holiday overload than a quiet night in, so add a little holiday decor to your space, mix yourself a cocktail and check out any of these flicks. They’re sure to keep you and your S.O. in the spirit of the season right from the comfort of your couch.


1. White Christmas: The only thing cozier than a steaming mug of hot chocolate is a truly classic movie, and White Christmas hits the spot. Whether you’re a hopeless romantic, a DWTS fan, or a lover of off-the-wall history, you’ll find something to sing about in this film. (Photo via Paramount)


2. Planes, Trains & Automobiles: Everyone’s had at least one nightmarish holiday travel experience, and no one makes it funnier than Steve Martin and John Candy. You and your S.O. will both be laughing at the misadventures of this unlikely duo — and it will prepare you for the worst case scenario of your own trips home to visit family this Christmas. (Photo via Paramount)


3. Serendipity: In the most festive meet-cute you can imagine, Jonathan and Sara cross paths while Christmas shopping — for their respective significant others. They part ways and decide to trust fate — and fate has other plans. Serendipity features swoon-worthy scenes of New York City in the winter that will have you and your bae packing your bags for a romantic holiday getaway. (Photo via Miramax)


4. The Santa Clause 2: It was impossible NOT to fall in love with Tim Allen’s Santa in the original The Santa Clause movie, so how can we resist rooting for him to find love in the sequel? The Santa Clause 2 is the perfect mix of holiday nostalgia, North Pole magic and romantic comedy — making it ideal for date night. (Photo via Disney)


5. Holiday High School Reunion: Every holiday season requires at least one Lifetime movie, so why not choose the one starring Jonathan Bennett of Mean Girls fame (that’s right, we’re talking about Aaron Samuels)? In Holiday High School Reunion, Georgia learns about her reunion one week before Christmas and makes it her mission to go back and make “the one that got away” fall in love with her. You and your S.O. will love this walk down memory lane. (Photo via Lifetime)


6. Scrooged: Frank is a modern Scrooge in this ’80s favorite, and his visits with the ghosts of Christmas past, present and future will help make sure that you and your sweetie are fully in the holiday spirit. (Photo via Paramount)


7. The Holiday: Jack Black, Kate Winslet, Cameron Diaz and Jude Law make the perfect holiday dream team in this home-swapping rom-com. Whether you and your S.O. are silly or sexy, you’ll relate to one of the relationships in this movie — and it’s impossible to walk away from it without a smile on your face. (Photo via Sony)


8. Holiday Inn: Just like White Christmas, Holiday Inn is a classic seasonal favorite full of music and romance. Timeless talents Bing Crosby and Fred Astaire play the male leads, so you’re in for plenty of song and dance. (Photo via Paramount)


9. The Family Stone: You know you must have made Santa’s nice list to get a movie starring both Sarah Jessica Parkerand Rachel McAdams, among the rest of this movie’s all-star cast. In The Family Stone, SJP’s character experiences all the stresses of spending the holidays with her S.O.’s family — something we can all relate to at this time of year. (Photo via Fox)


10. A Holiday Engagement: In this Hallmark Channel Christmas movie, Hillary hires an actor to pose as her boyfriend for her family holiday after her fiance breaks their engagement. A Holiday Engagement is a funny twist on online dating and the pressures to get hitched, so consider a different movie from the list if there’s tension with your partner about putting a ring on it. (Photo via The Hallmark Channel)


11. Love Actually: It wouldn’t be right to celebrate a romantic holiday season without an appearance from our favorite interconnected Brits. And as for the all-important Hugh Grant dancing scene? To us, you are perfect. (Photo via Universal)

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