There鈥檚 a lot to love about the holiday season (we鈥檙e looking at you, holiday gifts, twinkle lights and spiked eggnog). But one thing鈥檚 certain: Holiday time calls for days spent in your coziest pajamas and parked in front of the television to take in some truly epic holiday movie binge watching. A little Elf, Home Alone and Love Actually action, anyone? One thing we鈥檝e noticed over the years is that holiday movie leading ladies really bring it with major winter style #goals. And even though the holiday flicks aren鈥檛 really about the clothes, there have been some major style standouts. Scroll below for our ranking of the top 10 most stylish holiday movie and TV characters around.


10. Lucy in A Charlie Brown Christmas: Sure Charlie Brown was the star of the show. But Lucy and her #girlboss wardrobe full of shift dresses, statement hats and classic shoes deserve some love! That yellow peacoat and red beanie alone earn her a spot in the style top 10. (Photo via United Feature Syndicate)


9. Anna Kendrick in Happy Christmas: If you don鈥檛 already follow Ms. Kendrick on Twitter, do yourself a favor and check out her profile; she鈥檚 a riot. Well in this film, she鈥檚 actually a bit of a hot mess. But her girl-next-door look was all kinds of on point. We鈥檙e talking flannel shirts, white-collar skater dresses and a slew of cute coats. So cozy and cool. (Photo via Lucky Coffee Productions)


8. Mo鈥檔ique in Almost Christmas: This is a new one for 2016. It looks hilariously relatable thanks to some good old holiday family drama. And we鈥檙e already obsessing over Mo鈥檔ique鈥檚 oversized sunnies, sparkly earrings and poncho sweaters. (Photo via Universal Pictures)


7. Sarah Jessica Parker in The Family Stone: We get that S.J.P. is supposed to be all uptight and unlikeable in this movie. But her polished look really won us over. The tight ballet bun, endless silk blouses and structured blazers all earned her some major style points in our book.(Photo via 20th Century Fox)


6. Keira Knightley in Love Actually: Keira Knightley may have been caught up in an accidental love triangle in Love Actually, but we were caught up with her gorgeous style. Who could forget her etherial wedding gown, angelic white sweaters and baker boy hats?! (Photo via Universal)


5. Catherine O鈥橦ara in Home Alone 2: Kate McCallister really stepped up her style game in the second Home Alone movie. As her family travels to Miami the one thing Mrs. McCallister didn鈥檛 forget was an epic array of scarf and coat combos that were nothing short of chic. Plus her gold blingin鈥 earrings seriously upped the ante. (Photo via Fox Home Entertainment)


4. Jennifer Hudson in the Sex and the City Movie: So this wasn鈥檛 really a holiday movie but that moment when SJP gives JH her own Louis Viton bag for Christmas gives us all the feels. (Photo via HBO)


3. Donna Reed in It鈥檚 a Wonderful Life: When it comes to holiday movie marathons, It鈥檚 a Wonderful Life is always at the top of our list 鈥 and for good reason. Donna Reed is simply stunning. She looks amazing with her perfectly pinned hair, lace overlay dress and pearls that make us swoon. (Photo via Paramount)

2. Maureen O鈥橦ara in Miracle on 34th Street: We鈥檙e kicking it way back to 1947 for a moment to pay homage to O鈥橦ara鈥檚 classic New York style. Move over, Kris Kringle. O鈥橦ara steals the style show with her signature black dress and pearls, boxy military style coats and an unforgettable fedora. (Photo via Twentieth Century Fox)


1. Cameron Diaz in The Holiday: There鈥檚 so much to love about this charming holiday flick: the British countryside, Jude Law and super impressive set design. But we must say that Cameron Diaz鈥檚 outfits really take the cake. Amanda Woods secures the number one spot on the list for her black and white 鈥測ou look like my Barbie鈥 dress, Christian Dior shearling coat and for walking through the snow and ice in those heels! (Photo via Sony Pictures)

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