The past few weeks have been a rollercoaster of sports-related highs and lows. While we were cheering on Simone Biles and Aly Raisman, not to mention the rest of Team USA and the world-class athletes competing for the top medals, we had no idea the lows that were to come. First, Ryan Lochte literally caused an international incident that very well could have seen him facing criminal charges. Now, soccer player Hope Solo has been suspended from the US Women’s National Team for six months after calling Swedish players “cowards.” But it’s not only the athletes’ actions that have eyebrows raising, it’s also the very different consequences each are facing that’s sparking some serious speculation regarding sexism in sports.

Ryan Lochte

There’s no denying that Ryan Lochte has faced some pretty brutal fallout from his BS actions while in Rio. Peeing all over a bathroom, getting into a sitch with security and then lying about everything will have that effect. Losing sponsorships and facing an angry nation could have been the tip of the iceberg, but instead, things are cooling off pretty quickly for the Olympic swimmer. In fact, it looks like fans are already ready to cheer him on again as one of the contestants on the next season of Dancing With the Stars.

Hope Solo

Hope Solo, on the other hand, who is known to be hot-headed (even facing past domestic violence charges) had some non-complimentary words for Team Sweden after the US lost their chance for a medal. “I think we showed a lot of heart. We came back from a goal down. I’m very proud of this team,” she said, according to Us. “But I also think we played a bunch of cowards.” Oof. Not cool, but not criminal either. As a result of her harsh words, however, Hope has been suspended for six months. Whoa.

Whatever you think of Ryan and Hope, some people have noticed that neither of their punishments necessarily fit the “crime” — and beyond that, they seem suspiciously skewed.

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(Photos via Harry How, Doug Pensinger, Scott Halleran/Getty)