Whether you call it tea, thé, cha or chai, and whether you opt to brew it in a pretty pot or right in your mug, there’s one thing we all have in common: our love of the most important shrub on the planet. January just so happens to be a holiday devoted to the world’s most sipped beverage (after water, of course), and we don’t mean just a single day for tea parties galore or sipping tea with every meal. The *whole month* is all about the steamy, humble brew. No matter how our tea rituals may differ, let’s take the rest of the month to share our common love. Fellow tea lovers, these 15 top-tier tea goods are made especially for you.

Wishbone Mug

1. Found by B+C Wishbone Mug ($20): The No. 1 rule for tea? Have more than one cup! If sipping tea is an unrivaled joy in itself, sharing it with others goes a step further. Load up on a variety and let your guests pick their favorite.


2. Molly M Designs Gold Leather Coasters ($29): Tea is great, but drink rings on your coffee table are not. Unless you want to bust out the cleaning supplies after every cup, invest in a set of coasters ASAP.


3. Swell Made Co. More Tea, Please Art Print ($35): We couldn’t agree more! Get the kettle on + get this print on your wall, STAT.

Tea Infuser

4. Kikkerland Tea Infuser Test Tube ($11): As fun as it can be to make sense of the tea leaves swirling at the bottom of the cup, sometimes you just want a sip without any stray particles joining the party. Amplify flavor while corralling your tea leaves with this accessory.

Tea Greeting

5. Shifting Status Kuo Tea Greeting Card ($6): A holiday card in January? Hot Tea Month ought to be celebrated with plenty of gusto, amirite? Send out greeting cards with a tea bag tucked inside to spread the love.

Sipping Chocolate

6. Chuao Chocolatier Deluxious Dark Drinking Chocolate ($16): Yes, you read right. Whip up this sipping chocolate with chai tea instead of hot water. Add a little cream for an experience unlike any other.

Tin Cake Stand

7. Found by B+C Tin Dessert Stand ($20): It’s four o’clock somewhere! Brew a pot of Earl Grey and load up this pastel cake stand with pastries sweet and savory for some DIY high tea. Don’t forget the crumpets, biscuits and clotted cream.


8. Mastrad Macaron Kit ($25): Speaking of high tea, macarons are always a favorite. Learn how to make them at home with this kit, then fill them with your favorite fruit preserves or flavored buttercream.

Brooklyn Tea

9. Kombucha Brooklyn Tea Sampler ($12): Great kombucha starts with great tea. We’re all for sipping on a cup of these three nuanced loose leaf blends before brewing them into your fave fizzy probiotic.

Cold Brewer

10. Acme Party Box Co. Cold Brewer ($48): Okay, we know it’s Hot Tea Month, but tea just makes us so happy, we want to guzzle it, sip it and unmannerly slurp it any way possible. Cold brewing tea is as simple as pouring cold water over tea and waiting.

Wise Cocktails

11. Wise Cocktails by Owl’s Brew ($20): In honor of the month of tea, pour yourself a tea-based cocktail! Whether you serve it hot or cold is totally up to you.

Robot Tea Infuser

12. Kikkerland Robot Tea Infuser ($10): Loose leaves at the ready. This little robot will help you steep your favorite blend to perfection.

Tea Mixer

13. Owl’s Brew Tea Mixer ($27): While we’re on the topic of our favorite boozy libations, why not add these tea-based mixers to your home bar? Black tea serves as a base for these three cocktail enhancers. Score!


14. Kombucha Brooklyn Home Brew Kit ($45): Looking for even more hot tea alternatives? This bunch is the way to go! And we gotta say, this all-inclusive set is the best way to make it home.


15. Kombucha! by Eric and Jessica Childs ($20): Want to experiment further? Take it to the next level with this kombucha recipe book.

What’s your favorite type of tea? We want to try it! Share on Twitter @BritandCo and be sure to pour a cup for someone special in your life.