As one of the hottest shows on the CW (literally 鈥 things are really heating up for Bughead!), Riverdale is causing major buzz, not only for its uber-lovable characters (we鈥檙e looking at you, Cole Sprouse), but for its *killer* (pun intended) style. Luckily, Hot Topic is here with a line of Riverdale merch that鈥檒l have you channeling Betty, Veronica, Archie, or even Jughead with ease.

The licensed, exclusive gear ranges in price from $7 to $52, and includes everything from Vixens ($19) and Pops聽Chick鈥檒it Shoppe ($17) tees (great gift for anyone who鈥檚 a fan of the show, a fan of burgers, shakes, and/or fries, or both), to everyone鈥檚 favorite writer-sleuth鈥檚 signature beanie ($12).

Archie fans will want to run with the jocks thanks to this sporty Varsity jacket ($50 to $52)鈥

While those of us who want to show off our inner rebel can rep the Serpents with a fierce snake tee ($17).

As an added bonus, just about everything鈥檚 on sale (thank you, Black Friday!), so you can join the milkshake-sipping gang for even less than normal.

Can someone direct us to the nearest malt shop鈥 or maybe the south side?

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(Photos via Hot Topic)