Riverdale鈥檚 second season is heating up, and according to Lili Reinhart, it鈥檚 not going to cool off anytime soon. There are some challenges ahead for fan-favorite couple Betty (Reinhart) and Jughead (Cole Sprouse) 鈥 AKA 鈥淏ughead鈥 鈥 but there鈥檚 also plenty of romance.

One test of their relationship will come when Jughead makes the big transfer to Southside High. 鈥淛ughead is on the Southside and [Betty] is on the Northside and it鈥檚 inevitable that distance makes things hard,鈥 Reinhart explained to Entertainment Tonight. As the saying goes, though, absence makes the heart grow fonder. 鈥淸I]t definitely makes them appreciate one another more when they鈥檙e kind of being pulled apart by going to different schools,鈥 she continued. 鈥淪o, when they do get to see each other it is really romantic and passionate.鈥

Reinhart, who is rumored to be dating Sprouse IRL, doesn鈥檛 mind those up-close and personal scenes. In fact, despite the sizzling hot shower scene involving Varchie (Veronica and Archie) last week, she feels pretty chill about the entire situation. 鈥淚 feel like it鈥檚 very comfortable at this point,鈥 she told ET, adding, 鈥淚 mean, it鈥檚 The CW. You鈥檙e not going to get too crazy. It鈥檚 just like kissing and hugging.鈥

She continued, 鈥淚 think we鈥檙e all so comfortable with one another that it鈥檚 not even really a thing. If we have a kissing scene, it鈥檚 fine. We don鈥檛 really think twice about it. When new characters have to kiss, it鈥檚 a little different and you鈥檙e like, 鈥極h, okay! What鈥檚 this?鈥 But it鈥檚 easy, we鈥檙e all friends. It would be more nerve-wracking if you had to make out with someone that you didn鈥檛 know. So, if by chance we do end up having to kiss each other, it鈥檚 fine and it doesn鈥檛 feel weird.鈥

As for those rumors that she and Sprouse have found romance off-screen too 鈥 which is totally believable, considering they radiate chemistry on-screen 鈥 the actress will neither confirm nor deny, saying, 鈥淲e get along quite well. We鈥檙e doing good.鈥

Be sure to watch what happens next between Betty and Jughead when Riverdale airs Wednesday at 8pm ET/PT on The CW.

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(Photo via Andrew Toth/Getty Images for Vulture Festival)