Things are certainly changing quickly under President Trump’s administration. First, we were monitoring the sitch as a national bill was introduced that would make abortion illegal at six weeks. And, as expected (and feared), one of Trump’s first executive orders was to reinstate the “Mexico City Policy” or the “Global Gag Rule” that prohibits the US from giving funds to orgs that provide abortions (or even suggests them as a viable healthcare option). Now, the House of Representatives has passed an anti-abortion bill that will have serious consequences for low-income women.

Donald Trump

Yesterday afternoon, the House of Representatives voted to pass H.R. 7, which is an anti-abortion bill making the Hyde Amendment (which blocks federal Medicaid coverage of all abortions, with select exceptions for victims of rape or incest or those with life-threatening complications) permanent, and which, according to Marie Claire, “further restricts abortion access for low-income women, federal government employees, military women stationed overseas, and women in the Peace Corps.”

H.R. 7 now also prohibits government money from going to multi-state health insurance plans that were created under the Affordable Care Act, which means millions of women across the country will lose access to insurance coverage for abortions, even if their care if self-funded.

The reaction? Well…

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(h/t Marie Claire, photo via Pool/Getty)