Remember last week when everyone was uploading their headshots and selfies to Microsoft’s How Old website for a self-esteem boost or a kick in the stomach? Oh, you’re still killing time at work with the #HowOldRobot? Allow us to halt those photo uploads for a similar, but just as entertaining app: Lulu’s How Dude Do I Look? Yep, there goes the office productivity.


Lulu, the social app for ladies to review guys so they know what they’re getting themselves into when they say yes to a date, just released an “homage” to last week’s viral age defining webpage. Identical to How Old except with a different ending result, How Dude Do I Look? lives up to its name by telling you how “dude” you look in a given photo. All you have to do is upload a snap and then wait on pins + needles (well, a few seconds) while Lulu’s robots analyze your photo to determine if you appear to be more guy or gal.


Since we can never turn down an opportunity for a few laughs, the dude curious among our team needed to play with the web app. Our creative director Anj happily supplied some headshots and her results we’re ahh-mazing: 1% + 14% dude. Guessing that big white coat played a factor in the latter; you know, bros + coats. Regardless of Anj’s dude-ness, the best part is the hashtags Lulu gives with its results. Anj, you are totally #CaptainFun.


Then we thought, “What’s more dude than bros holding beers?!” Lulu clearly thought the same thing we did as our Bro + Co models (myself included) all received the distinction of dude-looking with 91%, 66% + 73%, respectively. Excuse us while we occupy our hump day with this hilarious app. Who’s next in the dude lineup?!

So, how dude do you look? Let us know and join the #HowDudeRobot conversation with us on Twitter, @britandco.

(Photo via @johnlegend)