“Sex and the City meets Facebook” is how some people have described it, and we would have to agree. Lulu, the brand new womens-only app for finding and reviewing men (available on both iOS and Android), is one of the hottest new apps on the market. It’s interesting to note the “girls club-ness” of the whole thing. It uses Facebook Connect to log you in and determine if you are a lady. If not, it’s to the streets you go!

Once you’re in, you can browse all dudes in the network, or just filter to your guy friends. Click to view each guy’s profile and feel free to write him a review. You can rate him on everything from how great of a friend he is, to how great of a boyfriend he is, to how great of a sex partner he is (don’t worry, it doesn’t get *too* R-rated). Because we live in an Instagram and Twitter world, the app also lets you add pre-determined hashtags that help define him. They range from positive (#RespectsWomen) to neutral (#CleansUpGood) to negative and weird (#WearsEdHardy).

We happened to find one of our men’s contributors, Matt Galligan, on Lulu. Here’s a sneak peek at his profile. 9.8! Wowsers. Get him while he’s hot, ladies.

Why is the app so popular? Well obviously, it’s very entertaining (and the fact that it’s girls-only has a very cool secretive feel). Secondly, it lets you check in on potential dudes you may want to date to get validation from other women if he’s a heartbreaker or a future husband. It’s like going on one big gabfest with thousands of your girlfriends.

It’s nice to see so many guys get favorable reviews on here; the downside, however, can be quite brutal. Is it okay to rate other humans based on appearance and personality traits? Should you use technology to place judgments, or defer to in-person meetings to make a call? There are certainly many questions to ask.

In our personal experience, it tends to skew towards younger men — teen and college guys. But after using the app for the past few weeks, I’ve seen my 20 and 30-something male friends start to appear more and more. One other note: be careful if you are a taken lady — I was caught off guard a bit when I found my husband within the app. He had four reviews already! Stay away, girls. He’s taken.

Have you guys tried Lulu yet? What do you think of it? How do you think dating is changing in the digital age? Speak to us!