We love our friends. And we love our friends on social media. Getting updates from everybody we know even when we aren鈥檛 able to keep in touch as often as we would like is one of the greatest parts of a 21st-century, social media digital life. But here鈥檚 where we鈥檝e got to get something off of our chests: IRL friends do not round out a complete social media life by themselves. And, as much as we love our friends, we need something to keep our cyber updates spicy. Hence why we鈥檙e always grateful for celebs on social media.

Celebrities At The Los Angeles Clippers Game

And now that there are forms of social media that are so instantaneous, you can peer into a celeb鈥檚 life IRL ATM. We鈥檙e looking at you, Snapchat. In order to follow someone on Snapchat, as you know, you need their phone number, scan code or username. If you鈥檙e trying to find a celeb, you probably don鈥檛 have any of these three things. Well, get ready: We鈥檙e about to drop a major hack alert.

To find all the celebs that are on Snapchat just type in 鈥渙fficial鈥 where you would normally search by username. Then, a full list of every single verified and official celeb account will pop up 鈥 even if their username is SUPER different than their actual name. Michelle Obama, Rihanna, Chris Pratt, Kelly Clarkson, Bob Saget, the list goes on and on and on. But while you鈥檙e following all your favorite celebs, just remember to give us a follow too. We鈥檒l see you snapping.

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(Photo via Noel Vasquez / Getty)