It’s pretty easy to find someone who appreciates easy ways to travel more, especially when they also help save you crazy amounts of cash on flights to top travel destinations around the globe. So naturally, as travel lovers who are fascinated by “flight hacking,” we turned to Yore Oyster founder Jordan Bishop to learn some tricks on finding crazy cheap flights (like Singapore to LA for $75. We repeat: $75). Not only has Jordan built his super cool business with his expert travel know-how, but he personally once traveled around the world to SIX different continents with a single ticket that cost just a thousand dollars. Scroll on for his three main money-saving secrets before booking your next flight.


Track and buy error fares

Error fares are the can’t-miss gems that result when an airline makes a mistake, and the flight prices can be so low that it’s literally unbelievable (SF to Iceland for $99 each way… whoa). When we asked which search engines and sites we should starting monitoring like hawks, Jordan says, “I’d recommend just one: Secret Flying. They’re always among the first sites to publish news about error fares, and they do a really good job of curating exceptional, time-sensitive flight deals while ignoring all the noise.” Though you can opt to get emails, Jordan swears by @SecretFlying tweet notifications for up-to-the-minute steals and deals. Start following NOW to stay on alert.

Keep your dates flexible

The bigger your travel window, the better your chance of scoring an awesome deal! Though snapping up tickets 60-90 days before an international flight is a good rule of thumb, buying TOO early means that you’ll miss out on promotional fares. Buying too late, however, means you might miss the best deals instead. Jordan says, “If your dates and destinations are flexible — like if you can depart any day this week, instead of needing to fly out Friday evening — the 60-90 day golden purchase window becomes much less important.” So if you haven’t found a deal a few months ahead of your flight, but your vacay time is bendable, it may be worth waiting for that awesome promo fare before you click to buy.


Make a quick stop (or two!)

Though your end goal might be to get to Paris, hacking the best airfare may require a short stop in a nearby city. From there, Jordan says, “Connect with a domestic flight, which can be had for under $50 in most countries.” Flying this way offers you the amazing opportunity to see other places, so be strategic when considering your stops and the amount of time you’ll have to explore. If done right, your stop can be a second (or third) trip in itself.

And if this all sounds way too simple? “That’s because it is,” Jordan says. Though Yore Oyster uses advanced techniques to help people save 20-50 percent off of international flights, he swears that these three tips will have you hacking great flight deals in no time at all.

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