We love cutoffs—they scream summer—but sometimes they can be a bit tricky to make. The first thing you have to do? Find the right pair of jeans. Skinnies need not apply! We’ve covered how to find the perfect pair for three different styles of cutoffs. Plus, we found a stylish DIY for each version. You’ll be wearing your short shorts in no time. (And for the embellished tutorials shown below, check our Cutoffs, 3 Ways post.)

Cutoffs 3 Ways

Relaxed & Studded Fit

What to look for:

1. Go low: A low rise waist is key here, and opt for a size up. You want them to be slightly bigger than normal for the relaxed look.

2. Skip the stretch: Look for denim without Spandex. They should hang naturally and not hug your body too tightly.

3. Pick your pockets: Well-proportioned pockets are essential. If they are too small they will make your bum look big. If the are too large, they’ll make you look bootyless (that’s a technical term), and no one wants that!

Our DIY Pick:

Studded Denim Cutoffs: Once you’ve made the cutoffs, and frayed the edges, these studs will take maximum 20 minutes to add. Did you know embellishing could be so easy? (via A Pair & A Spare)

High-Waisted & High-Thigh

What to look for:

1. Mom jeans: Start with a good ol’ pair of high-waisted mom jeans. Don’t worry, they won’t look so maternal when you’re done with them.

2. Stretch optional: Choose whatever you’re comfortable with here, but the shorts should be pretty snug.

3. Button it up: Choose a button fly for an extra touch on this retro look.

Our DIY Pick:

DIY High-Waisted Denim Shorts

DIY High-Waisted Denim Shorts: We love the destroyed look of these high-waisted, high-thigh cutoffs. And the fact that they will only get better the more you wash and wear them. (via Nifty Thrifty Goodwill)

The Boyfriend Cut Off

What to look for:

1. Go natural: Choose a simple pair that hits right at your natural waistline—don’t go too high or low with this pair.

2. Give a little: For this pair you want stretch. That way they will hug your body and make this simple look a bit more girly and sexy.

3. Snug as a…: Make sure the thighs are a bit more snug. You don’t want a skinny jean, but you do want them to be fitted.

Our DIY Pick:

Cuffed Boyfriend Cutoffs

DIY Cuffed Jean Shorts: These are the best cutoffs to start with if you’ve never made a pair before. Because you cuff the hem, you can cover up any mistakes in trimming the legs. (via Henry Happened)

Have you ever made cutoffs? Tell us how it went or which of these you are planning to try in the comments!