Excuse me, did you say druzy?! Those sparkly little stones have recently been all the rage in the jewelry world. The natural awe of the stone plus the glam glitter factor creates a ✓++ in our books, so we knew we a) had to do a DIY with them and b) couldn’t just create one way to rock druzy earrings. So we made three :) Now you can make a different style earring for each of your besties!



– jewelry wire

druzy beads

– ear wire

– flat post earrings

– gold bails

– scrap of white leather

– 6 inches of chain

– gold seed beads

– long gold tube beads

– short gold tube beads

– rhinestones

– gold paint pen


– scissors

– E6000

– flat nose pliers

– wire cutters


Druzy Studs

We <3 druzy and we love that these studs are extremely easy to make!


Don’t blink, because these steps are that easy! Paint the outside of the stone with a gold paint pen and use E-6000 to attach the post. Wait about 30 minutes for them to dry and then they are ready for a night out on the town.


That’s really all it takes to make these amazing studs!


Druzy Pendant Earrings

Anthro is going to be jealous of these pendant earrings for sure.


Grab a thick piece of white scrap leather and cut it into a half circle. Lay down a decent amount of E-6000 and start assembling your beaded design.


Once your beaded design has dried completely, flip the leather over and glue the bails to the back. Cut a piece of chain that is about three inches long, and attach it to the bails using wire. Find the center of the chain and hook the ear wire in place.


Pro tip: Think about how you’ll be wearing these earrings — hair up or hair down? You may want to bedazzle both sides of the leather.


Druzy Chandelier Earrings

Sia would be proud.


Cut a piece of wire that is about four inches long and use the pliers to create a loop at the top. Thread your favorite druzy stone onto the wire followed by a long gold tube bead. Leave some extra slack between the druzy and the tube bead so you can turn the bottom half into a triangle. Wrap the extra wire around the base of the druzy twice, and then snip off the excess.


To hang the chandelier pieces, cut another piece of wire and add a long tube bead and a gold seed bead. Loop the wire around the seed bead and thread back through the tube bead. Wrap the top section around the horizontal tube bead to make them sway and dangle. We created five hanging elements for our earrings, but feel free to do more or less.


Gold + druzy = yes please!


These are definitely for your more classy BFF.


Have you boarded the druzy train? Share your druzy DIYs with us using the hashtag #iamcreative. As always, leave your questions and comments below!